Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Family Farewell

Our last two nights in the States were spent with family.  The first night was spent with my family and our last night was spent with David's family.

We began the evening with my family at the local Mexican restaurant enjoying a delicious meal.  People think that we get that type of food here in Guatemala all the time but we don't.  Guatemalan food is different than what you get at the Stateside Mexican restaurants.  Afterwards we drove down to Lake Hazle.  My mom brought a cookie cake for us to share as dessert. 

our yummy dessert

We took bread and popcorn to feed to the ducks and fish.  My nephew Ryder got out his remote controlled boat to put in the water.  My boys enjoyed getting to play with it a while. 

They have already asked for a boat on our next trip home.

Our last night was spent with David's family at his grandmother's house.  Memaw bought several sacks of Krystal burgers, Krystal Chicks, and Krystal Pups for everyone.  I love Krystal Chicks!  We all ate and then spent time visiting together.  

Our niece Kaylie made this cookie cake for our dessert.  Both of our families had cookie cakes and neither knew the other was doing it.  I thought that was fun and we just might have to make cookie cakes a part of our going away tradition.  You know how I love traditions. ha

Throughout the night we took photos with family members.   We most always do this on our last night home. 
David, Aunt Terry, and me

Aunt Terry with the boys

David and the boys with Uncle Roger, Aunt Lisa, and Shane

Sawyer and Ben


Memaw and the grand kids

Ms Linda, Larsen, Ben, Kaylie, Cruz, Robin, Sawyer, and David

Kaylie with the boys

Kaylie and Ben

our family with David's mom

our family with David's grandmother

David and his grandmother

Maw Maw Farmer and the boys

Kaylie and Sawyer

the kids playing Heads Up

sweet Ben

This October marks our 10th year with the mission board.  You would think that leaving would get easier over time but not with me.  It seems to get harder with each passing year.  I'm not sure if that has more to do with our kids or just my realization of how much of our families lives we miss.  Leaving them is hard and it's during these times that I just have to let the Lord carry me and remind me of the call that He has placed on my life.  I have no doubt that we are where we need to be but that does not mean that it doesn't come with a cost.  Would you pray for us as we transition back to missionary life?  Pray also for our families back home.  It is just as hard on them as it is on us. 

 Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.  -- Dr. Seuss

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