Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Weekend

I started the weekend with a girls day out on Friday with my friend Malinda.  We spent the day getting pedicures, shopping, and eating.  It was a lot of fun!  I really enjoyed the one on one time.  It was a refreshing break from my normal routine. 

Having lunch with Malinda.  She chose Mexican and it was good.

We had a fun time shopping and found a lot of good sales.  Just to prove how fun she is look at these shoes she picked out.  Yes, she bought them.  She makes me smile.

Friday evening we attended the Junior Auxiliary Street Party in our hometown of Crystal Springs.  It was kicking off the Tomato Festival that was taking place over the weekend.  We made sure our trip home fell during this weekend so we could attend the festival.  We knew it would be a great opportunity to see a lot of familiar faces and it sure was.  There was delicious food catered by Penn's Fish House, fun games for the kids, live entertainment, and lots of people to fellowship with.  We had a fun night.

riding the train at the street party

Ben in the bounce house

we enjoyed seeing Maggie and Mason

throwing darts to win a prize

more dart throwing

face painting

he chose a rocket ship

I was a little surprised when he asked to ride the mechanical bull.  I was not sure he would do it but he did.  He did great!

Cruz on the bull

He really loved this.

The Wipe Out was popular with all the kids.

We ended the night with snow cones.

On Saturday morning we were back uptown for the Tomato Festival.  It is always the last Saturday in June.  It was a miserably hot day to be outside but we still had fun.

This truck was parked nearby where we parked.  Cruz asked me "mama, will you take our picture by this big truck?"  You know I had to do it.

Playing a Go Fish game to win a prize.  We also bought some cotton candy from this booth.

The Tomato Festival has a car show.  My dad always enters his car in it.  Here he is with the boys standing in front of his antique car.

We got so many hugs that day!  One of my favorites was from Dallas.  She is a former student in our children and youth ministry.  All of our "kids" are not kids anymore.  They are all grown up.  Seeing them makes our hearts very happy.

To cool off we changed the boys into their swimsuits and let them play a while on the water slides.  We sat in the shade for over an hour and watched them.  They had so much fun!

Ben on the slide

one last time in the bounce house

On Saturday night we had a family party at the local fish house.  I will share those photos in another post.  We went to our home church on Sunday morning- Harmony Baptist in Crystal Springs.  Afterwards we were invited to lunch with the Sojourner family.  We had a huge, delicious meal with them and then spent the afternoon letting the boys play and swim.  The invitation was last minute so we did not go prepared but thankfully they had a lot of extra swimwear around for the boys to use. 

swimming at the Sojourners

Cruz loved getting to take a ride on this!

and he also loved getting to ride the jet ski.

ready to ride the tube

fun times!

Their first time to fish.  They didn't catch anything but they enjoyed trying.

Their cousin Ryder was there teaching them what to do.  

Later that afternoon we visited with Jackie and Nickey and their sweet twin girls.  I cannot believe I  didn't get a photo with them!  We ended the day with a yummy Mexican meal.

sitting on the horse at the Mexican restaurant

giddy up!

It had been a full weekend but most certainly a fun one.  We are squeezing in all that we can on this trip.  After being away for two years there is just so much we want to see and do.  We are tired but we are loving it!

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