Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

I love museums!  I love to take my boys to explore, play, and learn new things.  Our state science museum is one of our favorites.  It is always on my list of things to do on our trips home.  It is a fun place especially for boys.  We spent a morning there with my mom this week and had a great time.  

arriving at the museum

We just take our time and let them roam freely at their own pace.  Life slows down when you are at a museum.  I think that is another reason I like to go.  

Cruz and Mimi trying on hats

They loved the aquariums.

bird watching

They kept running back and forth to the water fountains.  It was not because they were necessarily thirsty but because they were amazed by them.  In Guatemala we do not get clean drinking water from the tap.  We buy all of our water from a bottled water company.  We use it for cooking, brushing teeth, drinking, and just everything.  They do not know what it is like to turn on water and be able to drink it.  The thought that clean water that you can drink comes out of those things just blew their minds.  

Me and my mom on the museum nature trails.

Our families are very generous to us when we are home.  Several had given the boys money to go and do fun things like this.  When we were done at the museum they also used a little of their money to visit the gift shop.  They picked out butterfly nets, a water ball, and a magnet set.  Those should be fun things to keep them busy.

The museum is next to LeFleur's Bluff State Park.  We had a picnic lunch there after our busy morning.  Another thing I love is picnics!

There is also a fun playground next to the picnic area.  The boys got to play a while before we left.  What a fun day we had! 

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