Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mississippi Children's Museum 2016

We recently made a visit to the Mississippi Children's Museum.  It is one of our favorite things to do.  It was the one thing Cruz asked repeatedly if we could do while in the States.  My boys really love it!  The last time we were there was on Ben's 2nd birthday back in April 2014.  Cruz remembered a lot about it and talked about it often while in Guatemala.  His favorite thing of all was the crane.  He could not wait to go back and play on it.  This time we took their cousin Larsen with us.  The three of them had a great time together.

Ben, Larsen, and Cruz arriving at the museum

The first thing we did was visit the Thomas & Friends exhibit that is there for the summer.  My boys love Thomas and we were thrilled to know the exhibit was there.  It was fun.

They played for the longest time at this train table.

We also spent a lot of time loading "coal" to keep this train going.

learning about changing flat tires

pumping gas

The crane!  I think they would still be there playing if they could.  They really like building with the crane.

my hard little workers

learning about logging

who doesn't love playing with water

catching catfish



learning how the bones in the body move


pretending to shop in the market

making music

doing the coin roll before leaving

We stayed from 9 until 3 and they would have stayed longer had we not had evening plans.  They explored the whole museum and then went back around to specific parts they really enjoyed to play again.  They had such a great time.  I think they are at a great age for the museum.  There was so much for them to do.  It is a memory I do not think they will soon forget.

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