Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Making Up For Lost Time

My boys have missed a few holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with family over the past two years since we have been gone.  Because of that David's family wanted to give them a party to celebrate their birthdays.  We decided to do it soon after we arrived home so they would have plenty of time to play with their new stuff.  Friday night we had their party and it was a lot of fun.

They used these party favors to blow out their candles.

Happy birthday!

In addition to cake and ice cream we also had Krystal burgers, Krystal Chiks, and Krystal pups.  It was delicious!

Next they opened presents.  Look at those faces.  Do you think they were excited? 

Afterwards they played a little kick ball

and they played with their new toys.

The best part of the night was all the love and attention our family showed them. 

Larsen, Cruz, and Ben

What a fun night it was!

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