Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 2016 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  All is well in our little part of the world.  We finished up our homeschool year with a simple graduation service for Cruz and are now enjoying our summer break.  We also celebrated his 6th birthday with a Ninja Turtle themed party.  When you add in Mother's Day and Memorial Day it made for a lot of fun activity during the month of May.

We have continued with our weekly Bible studies and they are going well.  We had asked for prayer for the group in Nearar who were looking to purchase a new piece of land to relocate the church.  They made that purchase recently and are now making plans to begin building.  Continue to pray for this project.   The new property is in a more central location and will give us much better access to the community.  We are already praying for it to be a lighthouse in that dark area.  Would you pray that with us?

Our Thursday Bible study is going strong.  We mostly meet in the village of Muyurco but from time to time we meet in the villages of Tular and Porto Suelo.  We have a great core group there among these villages and the Lord is blessing our weekly times together.  Pray for continued unity among the group.

We have a busy summer planned.  We have our next team arriving on Sunday.  They will be doing a leadership training conference on Monday.  On Tuesday and Wednesday they will be teaching Bible stories in two different village schools.  On Thursday we will be making home visits in the morning and our regular weekly Bible study in the afternoon.  Pray for everyone's health, safety, and protection during the week.  Pray also that the love of Christ would be evident in all we say and do.  Pray for the lostness in each of these villages and that many would give their hearts to Christ.

Later in the month we will be making a much anticipated trip home to the States to see family and friends.  It will be our first trip home in two years!  We are very excited!  We will spend a few weeks there and will return just in time to host our next team which arrives the end of July.  Pray for a great, relaxing, fun, memory filled trip for us. 

Our summer is going to be a full one and we appreciate your prayers for us over the next two months.

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