Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fun Days

Our team left last Friday returning to South Carolina.  We had another guest arriving on Saturday so I was busy that day trying to get a few things done before she arrived.  I had a little help...
but sometimes help can increase your work load, ha.

They are really good at helping out around the house but maybe not with the dishes just yet.

We had a birthday party to attend on Saturday morning for a sweet little one year old boy who used to be our neighbor but moved recently.   It was a really fun party with a lot of activity for the kids to do.

the beautiful birthday cake

Don't you just love these cookies. Precious!  My boys drove me crazy until they were finally given permission by the hostess to eat one.

 Cruz with the adorable birthday boy Alfonzo

In addition to a bounce house and trampoline they had two four wheelers for the kids to ride.  My boys loved that!

 They even got to drive the smaller one.

As you can see from this video Cruz drove it much better than Ben.

Ben, Pili, and Cruz 
Pili is Alfonzo's older sister and my boy's favorite friend.  They have missed her greatly since she moved.

Ben enjoying his pizza and Cheetos at the party 

We left the party and then drove a few hours to pick up our homeschool consultant.  She was here to visit a few families and encourage us in our homeschool journeys.  She was able to answer some questions I had and give me some pointers and suggestions for the future.   What a blessing it was to have her here with me.  When we weren't talking school it was just fun having her with us for a few days to hang out and get to know us.    I am thankful for an organization that provides us with such great support personnel.

A beautiful rainbow we saw recently.  We are thankful for a few rain showers we have received the past week.

We drove into Guatemala City on Tuesday and are getting some errands done while here.   
The boys playing at a mall playland.  They love this ball pit! 

 We all four got haircuts.  The boys love sitting in these cool barber chairs.

Overall we are trying to catch our breath from some busy days and prepare for the days ahead.  Our consultant flies out on Thursday and we head out on a little family vacation.  Where might we be going?   This will give you a little clue-
HOME!!!  It's been two years since we visited family and friends there.  Can you imagine our excitement?  I can't wait to make some new Mississippi memories! 

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