Thursday, June 30, 2016

Food, Family, and Fun

On Saturday night my mom planned a welcome home party for us at a local fish house.   We had 19 members of my family there.  In addition to eating we had fun visiting and catching up with each other. 
our dessert my mom brought

Welcome Home!

Cruz, Ryder, and Ben sitting at their own table.

Mrs. Ann, me, and my mom

Ben and Ryon

the boys clowning around with their cousin Ryon

my Aunt Carolyn, me, and my Aunt Nita

Uncle Alvin, Aunt Carolyn, me, and the boys

Ben, me, Cruz, and Mrs. Ann

my Aunt Diane

Aunt Nita, Aunt Carolyn, me, my mom, Uncle Michael, Ben, Cruz, and Ryder

Robin, me, Tim, and Aunt Nita

We ate well, laughed hard, and hugged tight.  It was a fun night and we really enjoyed the time with family. 

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