Friday, June 24, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Like all holidays our morning began with a few photos.
David and the boys watching cartoons on Father's Day morning

David opening gifts and homemade cards from the boys

 our family ready for church on Father's Day morning

After breakfast we loaded up and drove down to Summit, MS to attend church with David's dad at First Baptist.  We all went out to eat lunch afterwards and then spent the afternoon visiting in his home.

Mr. Harold and the boys

Cruz, Mr. Harold, David, and Ben

We spent the evening with my dad eating supper and visiting.  

 me, Pawpaw Paul, Ben, and Cruz

We were glad to be home this year and be able to share the day with our dads.  We were also glad that the boys got to spend it with both of their Pawpaws.  That doesn't happen very often. 

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