Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Day Of Fun In The Sun

We spent a lot of time in the water on Saturday.  We began with a morning swim at David's mama's pool. 

Ben, Larsen, and Cruz at Memaw's pool

We ate lunch there before heading home.  Later that afternoon we visited with our friends the Browns.  They invited us over to swim in the lake and cook out.  We always have a great time there.

David, Cruz, Ben, and Sara Madalin at the lake

Cruz learning to kayak

Ben was being her motor and pulling her around.  I think she liked that. ha

After swimming we spent some time riding the 4-wheeler and go cart. 

me and Malinda ready for an adventure

My favorite photo so far of our trip home.  They were having a blast!

Reagan grilled burgers for supper and then he built a fire down by the lake for us to cook marshmallows for smores.   He had a little help of course.

 It was a beautiful night and we loved sitting around the fire talking while the kids played.

Cruz and Sara Madalin

Just to prove that I don't always have my act together I somehow took Ben to their house with no shoes.  How does that happen?  ha  He ended up wearing Sara Madalin's purple rain boots while they played outside.  How cute is that!

The kids played until we made them leave. 

Even though it was late they were not ready to go.  They had so much fun.  We all did!

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