Friday, April 15, 2016

Sweet Days

It has been a while since I have done a post about our daily life.  This post will include random photos from the past two weeks.   Our internet service has been terrible lately!  It's never great but has been worse than normal the past few weeks. grrr...

I'll start with a photo of the boys with Miguel.  He and David visited the school in Lagunetas last Tuesday morning and he came over for lunch when they returned to town.  My boys love Miguel!  He is like a big older brother to them and they were tickled to have him at our table that day. 

Ben, Miguel, and Cruz

The school teachers had been on strike so the Bible study at the school in Tunuco Arriba was cancelled last Wednesday.  That evening the Lubecks invited us over for supper.  Mrs. Diana cooked a delicious meal and we spent some time visiting with them.   We appreciate their friendship so much!

Mr. John, Cruz, Ben, and Mrs. Diana

 our family at the Lubecks house

We were back in Tular last Thursday for our afternoon Bible study time.  We had a great service there with our groups from Muyurco and Porto Suelo. 

We ate supper at Pollo Campero after returning back to town.  We took this picture wearing the hats the restaurant gives out to kids as a joke to send to a friend.  We were trying to look serious but had to take three pictures before I could quit laughing.  Then I looked at the picture and laughed again when I saw Cruz clowning in the back seat.  Oh, those boys!

I spent most of the weekend baking.  I started off with a trip to the grocery store on Saturday morning and then returned home and got busy.  Most people would hate spending their day off in the kitchen but I like it.  I made three loaves of pumpkin bread, two loaves of banana bread, a lemon pie, and some homemade salsa.  I have also baked an apple pie and some homemade blueberry muffins this week.  I had planned to make cinnamon rolls but ran out of flour.  Oh well, our freezer has enough goodies in it to last us a little while. 

 Cruz helping me make a lemon pie.  It's his second favorite dessert next to pumpkin pie.  He loves it!

David taught in Nearar on Sunday morning.  It was a combined service for the people in Porto Suelo, Muyurco, and Tular.   There was a great turnout and the service went well.

I snapped a few photos of the boys while playing in the backyard on Sunday afternoon.  They were pretending to be doctors and were doing surgery on one of their bears.  It just made me smile!

 I love all the "tools" they had out to do the job 

While they were playing I sat still and did some reading.  I made me a frozen frappuchino and enjoyed it in my new favorite cup that my friend Malinda brought me.  That thing is amazing and even in this brutal heat it keeps my drinks ice cold.  I love it!

This past Wednesday we were back in Tunuco Arriba for Bible class in the school.   We had 69 kids in the two classes.

Mrs. Diana singing with the kids in Tunuco Arriba

 some of the mothers were standing around listening to Mrs. Diana teach

 I love their colorful dress but what I love most was that they actually smiled which they rarely do when taking pictures. 

It had been a long hot day in the village so after returning home and doing school ourselves I took the boys swimming.  That was a refreshing treat. 

At one point while swimming Cruz looked up at the sky and said "look mama!  It's like Jesus is opening up the gates of heaven".   We had been singing the song "I'll be a Sunbeam" in school and Cruz was curious what a sunbeam was.  Nothing that I could explain compared to the picture that God painted for him in the sky that day.  He understands a little more now about "shining" for Jesus.

 and then just a little while later we watched this gorgeous sunset.  What a beautiful way to end a day!

We had Bible study again on Thursday afternoon.  This week we met in the village of Porto Suelo (at Julio's house for those of you familiar with our work).  We had folks from Nearar, Muyurco, and Tular all there with us.  I love when our Bible study groups all come together for worship.  It is a sweet time.

During the service Cruz looked up at me and asked could he sing a song.  After David finished teaching he let Cruz close the service for us.  It was precious to see my little boy stand up and sing his heart out in front of such a large group.  It was a proud mama moment.

Cruz singing in Bible study

It was late, dark, and hot when we returned home from the village.  I wanted to shower and go straight to bed, but instead I had a cake to bake.  We have a big celebration coming up for our sweet little Ben this weekend.  He'll be turning 4!  I just cannot wrap my mind around that.

my cake baking "helpers"

I anticipate a fun weekend ahead.  I love birthdays and especially the birthdays of my boys.  It's not just the day they were born but it's the days that made me a mom.   Those are two of my most favorite days of the year and I love to celebrate them big.

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