Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Let's Make Some Noise

I cannot believe we are down to the last six weeks of kindergarten.  The time has flown by!  I am trying to get my lessons planned out for our remaining weeks.  I am trying to make sure we have covered everything and we get our 180 days in.  My goal is to finish before Cruz's birthday and unless something comes up we should finish on time.

School was great last week but I didn't take many photos.  Here is a recap of what we learned on Week 30-

We finished up short vowel "i" with our 3rd storybook reader "Miss Fix and the Class".  It was a long read and probably Cruz's favorite so far.  He reads to me every day and then on Friday he has to read to his daddy.  If he does well he gets to go to the Treasure Box and pick out a prize.  He loves that and it keeps him very motivated. 

storybook from our Sing Spell Read and Write language arts curriculum

In math we began subtraction.  Cruz loved it and said it was probably his favorite thing of all about school.  Who knew?  ha  I am glad that he has enjoyed math this year.  I hope he keeps that attitude about it. 

In Science we finished our unit on Sound.   Our theme was Making Sound.  That is not something my two have to try hard to accomplish!  They are NOISY!!!  ha  We took a sound safari where we went around listening for things that make different noises.  We also made plate shakers.

They painted two saucer size styrofoam plates.

they love painting!

We filled the plates with dried beans and stapled the edges.  Instant noise maker!

the boys with their shakers

having fun making noise!

Our Bible lessons were on The Transfiguration and Jesus and the Lepers.  In one of our leper stories where Jesus heals the ten lepers and only one returns to thank him it gave me an opportunity to talk about thankfulness.  I try hard to teach my boys to say "thank you" and to be thankful.  I like having stories that reinforce teachings like that.   Our memory verse was John 3: 16-17.  It was our forth and final long passage for the school year.  I introduced the verse on Monday and then by Tuesday afternoon Cruz was already trying to teach it to his brother.  I took a video of the two of them.  It's precious and makes my heart smile!

a video of Cruz trying to teach Ben to say John 3:16

On Friday I made a video of Cruz saying both verses.  Notice his slicked back hair.  Oh my!  He asked his daddy to style it that morning before school using his hair gel.  He loved it.  Me, not so much.
Cruz reciting John 3:16-17

In our read aloud time we read this book from The Boxcar Children series.

I love homeschooling!  I never knew I would love it so much, but I do. 

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