Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It Looks Like Spring But Still Feels Like Summer

Last week was a fun school week.  Here is a look at what we did-

In language we focused on short vowel "o".  We spent our days learning vocabulary with that sound, writing words, and reading. 

Cruz copying vocabulary words 

Our math lessons were on Subtraction: -1. 

working math problems

reviewing "before and after" to help with our +1 and -1 math problems

And what would this be???  An empty workbook you say?  Why, yes it is!!!  Our math curriculum only has 30 weeks of lessons and we completed the last one last week.  We did a little happy dance and gave a few high fives when math class was over.  What a great feeling that was!

The last page in his workbook is a completion certificate that I filled out and gave to him.  He was proud!  He is now ready for the next level, Alpha, but I do not want to start it just yet so we will spend the next few weeks doing a review of all the things he has learned so far.

Science was very fun!  We began a unit called Exploring Motion.  Our topic for the first week was motion.  I used Hot Wheels to introduce the topic.  Throughout the week we watched several YouTube videos about motion and did a few experiments.  Our first experiment was called "Roller Derby".  I sent the boys to collect items that roll.  Here is what they brought back-

We built a ramp out of a cookie sheet and some stacked books. We rolled each item one at a time placing a piece of tape to mark where the items stopped.  Our goal was to see what would roll the farthest. 

 the boys ready for our roller derby

the Clorox wipes went the shortest distance

 Cruz testing an apple on our roller derby

 here is his workbook entry about the experiment

Another experiment we did was called Painting With Marbles.  We turned our workbook into a ramp by stacking books under it.  We dipped a marble in paint and then let it roll down the paper.  Both of the boys loved doing this!  It got a little messy but it was fun.

painting with motion

 Cruz's page when he was finished.  It turned out to be very pretty.

Our Bible stories were on Lazarus and the Rich Man and The Rich Young Ruler.  Both of these were a little hard to teach to a five and three year old but it opened the door for some good discussions on what happens when a person dies.  It gave me a great chance to talk about eternity and whether or not you will spend it in heaven or in hell.  

Our memory verse was John 16:23-

We spent a lot of time doing arts and crafts to decorate our room for the month of April.  I love that my boys enjoy doing those things.  
Cruz doing a kite craft from our Abeka art book

We made these "stained glass" tissue paper umbrellas for our windows.  Here is Cruz adding raindrops above them.

 We painted watercolor flowers using this pattern.

our watercolor flowers on our schoolroom window

Cruz painting a basket to put on our schoolroom door

Flowers they colored to put in our basket. 

 We also made several of these handprint butterflies to put on our door.  I love them!

Our schoolroom door for the month of April.  I think it looks very cheery.

Color sheets we have added to the bottom of our door.

I'll end the post with our read aloud selection for last week.  It was book # 5 in the Magic Tree House series.  My boys love these books and are already asking when we can read the next one.   Our nighttime read aloud time is our favorite part of the day and I love the memories we are making while doing it.

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