Friday, April 1, 2016

April 2016 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  We spent a lot of time on the mountain roads during the month of March.  We had ten Bible studies.  We were excited that the weekly Bible study at the school in Tunuco Arriba started back last month.  We were able to travel there with Mrs. Diana two times to assist her with the study.  She is doing a great job of teaching the children in the Chorti language.  It is a joy to partner with her in that work.

David did a wonderful job of preaching the Easter Sunday sermon at a Baptist church here in Chiquimula.  The pastor at that church, Bro. Elias, traveled out with us to one of our Thursday afternoon Bible studies and taught. It was good to swap roles and encourage each other in each of our works.

We had a total of four new believers in our work area last month.  Two were from the village of Porto Suelo and two from the village of Tular.  It is encouraging to see how God is working in the hearts of those we are trying to reach.  Pray for us and our Bible study groups as we try to disciple these new Christians.

We had a great visit from some friends back home.  It was their third time to visit us since moving to Guatemala but their first time to come since we moved to the Chorti area.  It was fun showing them around and letting them see a little of our lives here.

We will continue in April with our weekly Bible studies.  We will be in Nearar on Sundays, Tunuco Arriba on Wednesdays, Muyurco on Thursdays, and Lagunetas every other Saturday.  David tries to make visits on Tuesdays so that leaves Mondays and Fridays to catch our breath.  In addition to our Bible study times I am continuing to homeschool each week.  It is a lot to juggle so we would appreciate your prayers for us as we try to balance it all.

Also in April we will be celebrating Ben's 4th birthday on the 16th and our 20th wedding anniversary on the 27th.  We are excited about both of these events and the fun that each of them will bring. 

We appreciate your prayers and the way that you encourage us.  The role that you play in our ministry through praying is huge and we never take that for granted.  Our prayer is that we would be found faithful to do our part and do it well.

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