Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Little Of Our World

Here is a small glimpse of our life over the past week or so.

I have already blogged about being in Guatemala City last weekend for Ben's birthday.  While there we also spent some time doing a few other errands.  Our first stop after arriving was the pediatrician's clinic. The boys were due for a few vaccines.  They were really thrilled about starting our weekend off with shots- not! 

me and my sweet boys at Dr. Figueroa's office in Guatemala City

I couldn't resist snapping a photo of Ben in front of the baby scales.  Here is a comparison of him at 2 weeks old and the day before he turned 4.  They grow up fast!

Next they got much needed haircuts. 

We also did a little shopping.  Ben found these boxing gloves and bag at one of the stores and had a fun time playing with them.  And no, even though he asked, we did not bring them home.

We celebrated Ben's birthday on Saturday and then enjoyed a special treat on Sunday morning of going to church together.  Union Church is an English speaking church in Guatemala City that we like to attend from time to time when we are in the Capital.  It was very refreshing to worship and be a part of a service in our heart language.   We attended the early service and then drove back home to Chiquimala.  We stopped by KFC before leaving the city for a family size popcorn chicken to-go.  We shared it in the car as we traveled.  The boys loved that idea and said we were having a family picnic.  They can be so funny at times!

our family on the way to church in Guatemala City

We have been doing a Flat Stanley project this week and taking him around with us everywhere we go.  It's been fun for the boys.  On Tuesday afternoon we had appointments at the dentist to have our teeth cleaned.  Stanley got to sit with Cruz during his cleaning.

Cruz and Flat Stanley at the dentist in Chiquimula

Flat Stanley has spent a lot of time traveling up and down the mountains this week.  We took him to Tunuco Arriba on Wednesday.  Here he is with some of the school kids and one of the school teachers. 

On Thursday afternoon he went with us to Bible study in Muyurco.  The boys took turns toting him on the trail. 

The family that hosts us for Bible study had some new baby chicks.  Ben loved holding them and playing with them.  Both of my boys have always loved the chickens in the villages.

Flat Stanley, Cruz, Ben, and some of the kids from our Thursday afternoon Bible study

We finished up a week of school on Friday morning just in time for the Lubecks to stop by for a visit.  Mrs. Diana made us one of her delicious coconut pies and brought it by for a morning snack.  I had a pot of coffee brewed and waiting for their arrival.  While the boys spent some time watching a Magic School Bus video for our Science lesson we got to sit still and enjoy our company.  We ate, drank, laughed, and talked right up to lunchtime.  I had put on a pot of taco soup that morning just in case they wanted to stay for lunch and thankfully they did.  We ate lunch together and then they headed on into town to run some errands.  We always enjoy their fellowship!

our family with the Lubecks

me and my sweet friend Mrs. Diana
I am thankful to have her in my life.

Mrs. Diana's coconut pie

Here are the Lubecks with their new puppets.  We were so tickled to see them.  She had a local lady make Chorti outfits for them and had just gotten them back.  They look great and the kids at Tunuco Arriba are going to love them.

Like all weeks it's been hot around here.  Friday afternoon we went next door for a swim.  We took Flat Stanley with us.  He didn't swim though but instead hung out with me in a lounge chair as I read my Mississippi magazine.

trying to beat the heat on a hot Friday afternoon

Saturday morning we made another trip up the mountain to lead Bible study in the village of Lagunetas.  It was quite cool and breezy there so we were thankful to have jackets in the car to wear.   The family there also had some baby chicks.  My boys chased those poor things all over the place.  Below is a video of Ben trying to catch one.


That big smile shows you just how excited he was to be holding that chicken.

While Ben was chasing chickens Cruz was climbing trees.  Here he is with Flat Stanley high up in a tree in Lagunetas.

A typical village house.  This is where we have our Bible study.  You can see Flat Stanley peeking out from the top.

A sweet little boy from our Bible study.  Isn't that a cute grin!

another sweet little boy with a cute grin

two of the little girls that came to Bible study

A view from our Bible study host home.  It is a long way down!  You can see the dirt mountain road winding down the middle of the photo.  Our boys often ask us why do the mountain roads have to be so bumpy.  We just tell them it's to make us appreciate the good roads even more.  And we most always say ahhhh when we get back to the pavement.

I didn't set my alarm last night because I planned to sleep in a little later this morning.  Well, the boys woke us up at 5:50 a.m.  Who needs an alarm with my two around? ha  David is teaching in the village of Nearar today and that will wrap up our fourth Bible study in the past five days.  It's been busy but good.  My old body is tired though and hoping to spend the rest of the day sitting still.  We have a really exciting week planned and I need to get all the rest I can before the fun begins.

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