Friday, March 11, 2016

Many Miles on the Mountain

Wednesday was a really long day for us.  It began with a 5:30 a.m. wake up call to get our day started.  We got dressed, ate breakfast, packed a sack lunch, and headed out the door on our way to Bible study in Tunuco Arriba.  We picked Mrs. Diana up along the way and continued on the two hour one-way trip to get to the village school.  If you'll remember we were given permission to teach in the school there last year and were given an invitation to return and teach there again this school year.  Mrs. Diana does the Bible study in the Chorti language.  We have two classes.  The first class is for kindergarten and 1st grade and the second class is for 2nd - 6th grade.  This was our first week back for this school year.  We had 66 kids between the two classes.  It was great to see many familiar faces and the precious welcoming smiles they showed. 

Mrs. Diana teaching the Chorti children in Tunuco Arriba

pray for her as she prepares and teaches each Wednesday morning

me with Mrs. Diana in Tunuco Arriba
I love getting to work alongside her.  She is a precious friend and mentor!

Just minutes into our return trip down the mountain we encountered a fallen limb across the road.  David got out to help another man move the tree so we could pass.  The boys loved watching their daddy move that tree, ha. 

We got home in the afternoon just in time to make a pot of coffee, catch my breath, and then begin school with Cruz.  This will be our normal Wednesday routine over the next few months.

While eating supper David got a call from one of our Bible study members from Porto Suelo.  His wife was sick and needed to get to the hospital.  He finished eating and set out to the village to get her.  Their house is a little over an hour away.  It was right at dark when he left which made me very nervous for him to be out on the mountain roads after dark.  He made it back into Chiquimula and got them to the hospital.  She was admitted and they are running tests to see what is wrong with her.  She is still in the hospital today.  She has a lung infection and is also pregnant.  Would you pray for her?  Her name is Jesus.  We call her Chus.  

Chus is the lady in red pictured here with some of her children.

Thursday morning was a normal homeschool day.  Afterwards we ate lunch, rested a bit, and then headed out to our weekly afternoon Bible study.  We normally meet in Muyurco on Thursday afternoons.  This week we met in the neighboring village of Porto Suelo in the home of an elderly couple who recently accepted Christ.  Our group came together and encouraged them and loved on them.  We sang songs, read scriptures, and had a time of prayer.  David did a great job teaching the Roman Road scriptures.  It was a great time of working together as the body of Christ.  Pray for this couple- Javier and Delia.  Pray for us and our Bible study group as we help disciple them.

David and the boys ready to hike to Bible study in Porto Suelo.  Ben insisted to wear shorts with his boots.  Cruz insisted to wear jeans but then complained about the heat and rolled his pants up, ha.  It was 100 degrees Thursday afternoon.  It was a hard, hot hike.
Starting out on the trail.  The first part zigzagged up the hill.  It then straightened out and was straight up.
The hikes are not too bad when you have some amazingly beautiful views to look at along the way.

headed back down to the car when we were done

fun times!

Like all Thursday evenings we went out to eat after we returned back to town.  It is our weekly outing as a family.  We chose to eat at the mall food court so I could pick up some groceries when we were done.  Why?  Because we have company coming!  We will travel into Guatemala City today after school to pick up some friends who are flying down to see us.  We are looking forward to a fun week with them.  It will be busy but I am certain it will include lots of laughter and good times.  And, that's just what these tired souls need.

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