Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

We began the Easter weekend by attending a Friday afternoon pool party with a few other families.  It was hot that day so getting to cool off in the water felt great!

That evening one of those families joined us for supper at our house.  We cooked hot dogs and spent the rest of the day visiting and letting the kids play together. 

I served this cake as our dessert.  It was another visual to remind us of the Easter story.

the kids having fun on Good Friday night

My intentions for Saturday was just to rest and have a carefree day.  I did do some of that but I also spent time buying groceries, washing laundry, and catching up on household chores.  Mothers never really do get to rest do they?  

That afternoon I baked Easter cookies with the boys.
They really do love helping me in the kitchen.

our Easter cookies

Saturday evening we cooked on the grill and watched our Charlie Brown Easter video. 

When the boys went to bed I got busy decorating for Easter morning.  My mom had sent me a few new things to use.  I LOVE holiday items!

the boys on Easter morning

Easter cards from my mom

our Easter morning breakfast to remind us of the empty tomb

They would put the "stone" on and then roll it away.  I don't usually like them playing with their food but this day I made an exception.

After eating I sent them out back to find our Resurrection Eggs.  There are twelve in the set.  I hid six on each side of the yard for each of them to find.

When they found them all we came back inside and used them to review the Easter story.  Each egg has an item inside to remind us of part of the story.  The last egg we open is empty to remind us of the empty tomb.  It was our first year to have these and I loved them.  We will be using them again every year.

my boys on Easter Sunday morning

David and the boys on Easter Sunday morning

We took a family photo before heading to church.

Bro. Elias invited David to preach the Easter sermon at his church in Chiquimula.  We loved getting to go to church as a family and being a part of the service.  David did a wonderful job sharing the resurrection story!

We ate lunch at the hotel restaurant next door to where we live.  It is an open air restaurant but there was very little air blowing on that 100+ degree day.  We were melting!!!  Frozen lemonade drinks helped keep us cool.

That afternoon we joined some other families for an egg hunt.  The boys enjoyed the fellowship with the other kids and we enjoyed visiting with the adults.

getting ready to hunt eggs 

We had a great time this year celebrating Easter.  Hope each of you had a wonderful time too.

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