Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Catching Up On Homeschool

Oh my, it has been a month since I have done a home school post.  I knew I was getting behind and kept telling myself to do it but I never did.  I want to keep a record of our school year because I plan to print out my posts to make a keepsake book for Cruz.  For that reason I am going to try to catch up with this post.  So bear with me, it will be a long one.

Our language lessons are focusing on reading.  We are working our way through the short vowels.  We have finished "a" and "e" so far.  We spend three weeks on each vowel.  We have vocabulary words, worksheets, games, two readers, and a book for each vowel.
my two boys playing around during school one day

Here is Cruz working on some short vowel "a" vocabulary words.  He was filling in the missing letters.

 These were his short vowel "a" storybooks

This was his first reader that goes with our curriculum.

 A comprehension activity that went with his reader book.

One of the activities he has to do with each of his books is draw a picture of his favorite character and scene.  This is his drawing from book one.

Here is a video of him reading book one.

His storybooks for short vowel "e".  He has two of these for each vowel.

An inside view of his books.  He has to color the pages that go with the story.

Short vowel "e" vocabulary words and a worksheet.

Book #2

His drawing from book #2

We also spend time each day working on sight words.  Here he is playing sight word bingo. 

Our math lessons have covered Making 10, Skip Counting to Find Area, and Telling Time with Minutes.  Our math curriculum for kindergarten only has 30 lessons so now that we are getting close to the end of the year I am adding in some review weeks to stretch it out.

making the number 10 in our math class one day

Science is always fun!  We finished up a unit on Exploring Chemistry with two lessons on heat from the sun and freezing.  

When studying heat from the sun we did a few cooking experiments.  We made our own oven using a foil covered bowl and a clear plastic bag.   Inside our "oven" we put marshmallows that we skewered on a straw.  We also made cheese toast for lunch that day.  Another idea was melting chocolate chips on graham crackers.  We would put the food items in the bowl, cover it with the plastic bag, set it in the sun, and wait for it to cook.  They boys LOVED doing this!
ready to cook our marshmallows 

Ben's cheese toast we cooked in the sun outside of our schoolroom window. 

When learning about freezing we made ice cream in a bag.  We love experiments that you can eat!
Sealing milk and sugar in a ziplock bag to make ice cream.

You put the ziplock bag inside a larger plastic bag.  You cover it with salt and ice and shake it for 15 minutes.  It does work.  Here is Cruz shaking the bag.

Ready to eat his ice cream
Our Bible lessons have covered the stories of Nicodemus, The Woman at the Well, Jesus Heals a Nobleman's Son, Jesus Goes to the Synagogue in Nazareth, Blind Bartimaeus, Jesus Heals Jairus's Daughter, Jesus and the Children/ Lost Sheep, and The Feeding of the 5,000.    When we did the story of Jesus in the Synagogue we made a scroll.  That was fun!  Cruz wrote several of his memory verses on the paper.  We then took a cup of strong tea and painted it on the paper to give it an antique look.  We put it in the oven on low heat for five minutes to dry and then attached it to our sticks that we had gone outside to find.  When done I used matches to burn the edges to give it an old look.  It turned out great.

painting tea on his paper to make a scroll

His finished scroll.

Our new Bible songs were "Everything's All Right", "Little Friends of Jesus", "Zacchaeus", "A-B-C Song", and we began learning the hymn "Christ Arose".  

Our Bible verses have been 1 Corinthians 16:13, Isaiah 55:6, and Exodus 20:8.

We finished up "The Man in the Green Jeep" in our read aloud time and read book #3 in the Magic Tree House series.  It was about Mummies and Egypt.  We explored the topic a little more by doing things like finding Egypt on our globe, using color sheets, looking on youtube for language and culture videos, and watching several videos about pyramids.  The boys really liked the extra learning.

Our Egypt themed breakfast that week was pyramid pancakes and palm trees.  I LOVE doing food art for my boys!

Cruz enjoyed getting to turn his brother into a mummy.

Ben as a mummy

And I'll end with this picture of them doing a lesson on ABC Mouse.  Their Memaw pays the monthly subscription fee for them to have it.  They love it!

As you can see we have been busy in school lately.  We have learned a lot but most of all we have had a lot of fun. 

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