Friday, February 5, 2016

We Don't Stay Still For Long

After our team left last Saturday we stayed an extra night in Guatemala City before driving back home.  We spent most of Saturday running errands and shopping for supplies.  One of those errands was getting haircuts for the boys. 

Cruz was thrilled with the way the barber styled his hair.  It was full of gel and stiff as a board.  He was most impressed with the way his bangs were flipping over to the side.  He loved it!  (me not so much, ha)

They were gifted some money to do something fun so we let them buy coins at the mall and ride a few things.  They always enjoy that.

Saturday evening we got together with another IMB missionary family that lives in Guatemala City.  We had a cookout at their house and had a really fun time.
Ben helping Billy cook our supper

supper at the Hursts in Guatemala City

we had chicken & beef shish kabobs and some wonderful grilled pineapple  

While the food was cooking my boys enjoyed playing Wii with the older kids.  Here is a video of them trying to play Mario.

After supper we went up to their rooftop terrace and spent some time sitting by their fire pit.  It's cool in Guatemala City so it felt great to sit by the fire. 
the boys enjoying Billy's hammock

we roasted marshmallows and made smores before calling it a night

We drove home on Sunday and as we were driving through Chiquimula we noticed that the circus had arrived in town.  The boys and I got very excited and I made plans to take them that evening.  I was as tired as I could be after hosting the team and spending time in the Capital but I couldn't pass up a little circus fun.

my boys arriving at the circus in Chiquimula

We had never been to a water splash circus so it was something different for all of us. 

ready for the fun to begin

we love cotton candy!

One of the acts was a Little Mermaid theme.  I love that movie so I thought it was really cute.

This photo is blurry but it shows Ben's favorite thing about the circus- Spiderman.  Not all of the circuses have him but when they do Ben loves it! 

the finale

I had a ton of laundry to catch up on and tried to get an early start on Monday morning.  As I was dropping clothes into the machine I noticed a scorpion attached to a pair of shorts.  He went into the machine with the shorts.  We tried to get him out but could not find him.  Instead we let the wash cycle run and waited for it to finish to get him out.  We didn't know if he would be dead or alive.  Much to my surprise he was still alive and after pulling every piece of clothing out one at a time looking for him we got him.  David killed it and he and Ben had a great time checking him out.  Cruz and I, on the other hand, stayed a far distance and wanted nothing to do with it- dead or alive!
my brave little Ben with our scorpion
We have been told that they travel in pairs and sure enough the next day the boys found another one nearby.  Yikes!

I got a text during homeschool on Wednesday morning inviting me to lunch.  It tickled my heart to think about some girl time.  I love my guys but I also miss having female fellowship.  We met up at Pollo Campero and had a fun time of eating and laughing around the table.

lunch with friends

David and Miguel spent Thursday morning in the village of Tarshaja.  While there they got to watch a group of men make syrup from sugar cane.  He took several photos and videos and it looked very cool.  I'll post about that separately because it's just too interesting not to share.  He returned home just in time to pick me and the boys up and return to the mountains to lead our afternoon weekly Bible study in Muyurco. 

Ben and Cruz with some of the kids in Muyurco

Before our Bible study began we made a visit to the neighboring village of Tular to pray over a sick man.  One of our Bible study ladies went with us.  It ended up being a good visit and the family received us really well.  We will plan to follow-up with another visit soon to see how he is doing.

David and Miguel left early this morning driving to the Honduras border to meet Bro. Nahum and some members of his church from Copan, Honduras.  They will travel with them to the village of Nearar where Bro. Nahum's group will be doing a two day discipleship time with the believers there.  Would you pray for Bro. Nahum and the others who will be leading?  Pray also that it would be a great time of spiritual growth for the group there.

We will be leading Bible study in the village of Lagunetas on Saturday and then in Nearar on Sunday morning.  We would appreciate your prayers for both of these study times.  

I am anticipating a fun weekend ahead that will end with us watching the Super Bowl.  That's always an exciting night.  Hope you have a fun-filled weekend too!

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