Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sugar Cane

David and Miguel recently made a visit to the village of Tarshaja.  While there they got to watch a group of men make sugar from sugar cane.  It sounded very interesting when he came home telling me about it.  I was a little bummed that the boys and I missed seeing it!    Here are some photos he took of the process-
sugar cane
Many families grow it in Guatemala

The machine they use to get the juice out.

closer view of the machine

They put the sugar cane in and the juice is pressed out.  What makes the machine move?  Check out the video below-
David said this little boy worked those cows the whole time.

The liquid squeezes out, falls though this homemade strainer, and then into a large container.

They then take the liquid and pour it into a large pot that is cooking over a fire.

side view of the pot and fire

they stir the liquid constantly


When it's ready they pour it into small containers to cool.

When cooled they dump it out and they have sugar.  They use this to cook with and put in their coffee.  David came home with a jar of it.  The boys love it!

I love that it was all men there doing the work. At lunch time all the women arrived with food and they all had lunch together.  I don't think we'll ever get tired of learning new things.  Village life can be very interesting!  I am glad we get a front row seat to take it all in.

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