Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LifePark Church February 2016 Mission Team

This past week we hosted our second team of the year.  This group was from one of our partner churches- LifePark Church in Mount Pleasant, SC.  They will send three teams down this year to work with us.  This first group did an amazing job of sharing the gospel and loving on the people here in Guatemala.  We are thankful for all they did to help our work advance.  Here is a look at our time together-

They arrived on Valentine's Day night.  We got them checked into their hotel and then invited them into our home for supper, fellowship, and devotion.  

 our team on our first night together
David, Cruz, me, Glenda, Kellye, and Rob
(back row) Ken, Hillary, Ben, Trina, Dr. Rick, Cameron, Miguel, and Pablo

On Monday we did a one day leadership training conference at a Baptist church in Chiquimula. It was for any pastors and leaders in the area.  We had a great turnout and are making plans to do it again in the future.  It was good to invest in those who in turn will be investing in others.  Overall the day was a great success.

the team outside the Baptist church in Chiquimula on Monday morning

Dr. Higgins and Pablo praying before the conference began

Dr. Higgins teaching at the leadership conference in Chiquimula

Dr. Higgins praying over and encouraging each of the attendees at the end of the day

On Tuesday and Wednesday we were in the village of Lagunetas.  We were given the morning recess time each day to share with the kids.  There are 128 kids registered for 1st - 6th grade there.  That is a lot of kids!  We divided into two groups.  One group worked with the older kids and the other group worked with the younger kids.  We began both days with Bible stories and songs and then played games with the kids outside.  During the two days the team was able to teach eight Bible stories to the kids.  What a blessing that was!

the ladies on our team- Glenda, Trina, Cameron, Hillary, and Kellye

some of the kids at the school in Lagunetas

Kellye teaching a Bible story in Lagunetas

playing games with the kids in Lagunetas

playing games with the kids in Lagunetas

The team took group photos of each class.  We will print one for each teacher and return to deliver them in the next week or so.  It will give us a reason to return and follow-up. 

school children in Lagunetas

The afternoons were spent making house visits in the village.  The team was able to share Bible stories and testimonies with many people there.  Here they are praying in one of the homes.

making a home visit in Lagunetas
The team took family photos of anyone that was interested.  We will deliver those photos and use it as an opportunity to be in the homes again.

The team with our Bible study family in Lagunetas.
Pray that we would see a lot of fruit from the outreach the team did there and that it would greatly impact our Bible study time in that village.

We began Thursday with a visit to the village of Churischan.  We have a family of believers there that we have been trying to disciple.  We have yet to begin an ongoing Bible study in that village but are not giving up hope.  Join us in praying for that.

David and Cruz hiking in Churischan on Thursday morning

We were able to encourage this family and pray for several requests they mentioned.  Would you join us in praying for Rigoberto and Maria Luz to be a bright witness for Christ in their village?

We spent the middle of the day visiting Jocotan and then traveled up the mountain to the village of Muyurco for our weekly afternoon Bible study.

the team hiking to our Thursday afternoon Bible study in Muyurco

starting off our study time with praise and worship

David leading a song during Bible study in Muyurco

The team split up into two groups.  One group stayed with the adults and the other group took the children out back for a separate Bible study time.  Here is Dr. Higgins teaching the adults.

Rob, Miguel, and Kellye leading the kids

Cruz playing a game with the kids in Muyurco

Miguel teaching the kids to sing "Father Abraham"

our team on Friday morning

We took one last team photo on Friday morning in Chiquimula before traveling into Guatemala City to return home.  They flew out Saturday morning and we returned home to Chiquimula that afternoon.  We had a great week together and feel like they made a big impact on our work here.  We are very thankful for the way these teams invest in our lives and in the lives of those we are working with.  They are a such a blessing from the Lord!

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  1. I just love when you post videos! I have been praying for your family and your work in Guatemala a lot this week - God's had you all on my heart. Love from SC! Kristen


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