Wednesday, February 3, 2016

FBC Mt Pleasant, SC January 2016 Team

We recently hosted our first volunteer team for the year.  They were from one of our partner churches- First Baptist Church Mount Pleasant, SC.  They will be sending down three teams to work with us this year.  It is always a blessing to host these teams.  They come very trained, well prepared, and eager to do whatever task is put before them.  Here is a look at what the January team did during their week here with us. 

 Our first evening together
The teams have a morning and evening devotion time.  Each team member takes a turn leading it.  One team member is also in charge of leading worship.   This time together each day is always my favorite part of the week.

I got a sweet care package sent down to me that included a lot of fun Valentine's things as well as some homeschool resources to use with the boys.  I also got a copy of the January Southern Living magazine.  If I had to write a list of my favorite things Southern Living would definitely be on it.

The team spent the first two days making door to door visits in the village of Chanco.  While in the homes they were able to pray with several sick people, share their testimonies, and share Bible stories.
starting the morning in the village of Chanco

 Ben and Heather hiking in Chanco

The team also took family photos.  We are having those printed out and will return in the next week or so to give them out.  That will give us another opportunity to be in the village and make visits.

We got permission to share with the school children on both days that we were there.  The team shared Bible stories with them and also played games with them.  Below is a video of the team doing a trust game with the kids.

 recess time in the village of Chanco

 a team photo with some of the school kids in Chanco

Cruz doing some school work in the village.  I love the flexibility that homeschool gives us.

Here is a video of the boys in the village making a rock launcher out of a see-saw.  These two boys stay busy!

We spent the third day in the village of Corral de Piedras.  Here is the team making a home visit there.  

 the team playing games with the school kids in Corral de Piedras

 a team photo with the school kids in Corral de Piedras

The last ministry day began with an encouragement visit to the village of La Libertad.   Here is the team with a small group of believers there.

making a home visit in the village of La Libertad

 the team enjoying a roadside picnic lunch stop

The last visit was in Muyurco.  We always take the teams to our Thursday afternoon Bible study there.  Someone from the team always leads the Bible study and if someone is willing we let them lead in worship also.  The locals love for the teams to come because it encourages them so much.

 a team photo with our Bible study group in Muyurco

Team weeks are my boys favorite.  They LOVE having them around.  I am not sure who entertains who the most, but it is usually a lot of fun for everyone.  Here they are clowning around before devotion one evening.

 a video in our home one night

Another favorite part of their week is having Miguel with us.  They love Miguel!  He is our ministry partner and helps us with transportation and translating when the teams are here.  He also travels out with David to make visits and lead Bible study when his schedule allows.  He is a great asset to our ministry and a blessing to our family.  Everyone loves Miguel!

Our last day together was spent traveling into Guatemala City, shopping at the local market, and packing up to return home.

supper at TGI Friday's in Guatemala City

Our last team meeting/ devotion lasted until 11:00 p.m.  It was a great time of sharing and encouraging each other.  They flew out very early the next morning to return home to South Carolina.  They always leave a piece of their hearts here and take a piece of ours with them.  Our partner churches are becoming more and more like family to us.  We love them and the way they love on us.

Our next group arrives in 11 days.  We are getting rested up and ready!

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