Tuesday, January 19, 2016

School Is Cool

This semester in language we are focusing on the short vowels and beginning to read.  Most of last week was spent on A and E.  We learned a new song called "The Ferris Wheel Song" and it is a lot of fun.  Cruz gets tickets to move around the Ferris wheel while making the sounds.  It keeps his hands and his mind busy at the same time.   A win win for his mother/ teacher.
A few of the tickets for the Ferris wheel song.  We covered all 20 consonants last week.

We had five new sounds each day to cover.  In addition to singing the song I would write them on the white board and we would make words and oral sentences. 

We made these two manipulatives for letters a and e to practice making words.  We will eventually do one for each of the vowels.   

With each vowel Cruz has a picture dictionary.  He has to copy the word and then draw it.  I also have him write the words in a notebook for extra handwriting practice.
Our math lesson covered addition of hundreds. 
doing one of his math worksheets

they love Playdoh!

Our science topic for the week was sand.  The boys love playing in sand so that was fun.  They used their magnifying glasses to get an up close look.  We also spent a day learning about sand dollars.

Our Bible lessons for the week covered the stories of "The Baptism of Jesus" and "The Temptation of Jesus".  Our new song was "Out on the Deep Blue Sea".  We had our third long scripture passage to memorize for the school year.  It was Psalm 23.  We will learn four long passages this year.  In addition to Psalm 23 he has memorized Matt. 6: 9-13 (The Lord's Prayer), and Psalm 100.  I love that he is hiding God's Word in his heart!  My favorite curriculum choice of all so far has been our Abeka Bible.  I LOVE it!

Cruz reciting Psalm 23

We read another book in The Boxcar Children series.  My boys love these stories!  This one was called "The Mystery at Snowflake Inn".  It had a winter theme which I thought went great for January. 

We love reading about Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny!

It had been a long week of learning so we ended the school day on Friday with a swim in our backyard inflatable pool.
it was a "cool" way to end our week

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