Thursday, January 28, 2016

One Day At A Time

Whew!  Life has been a little busy lately and I've not taken time to update our blog.  Today's post will be a catch up from the past week.  Buckle up- this one will be all over the map!

There was a recipe for frozen hot chocolate passing around facebook recently so I decided to give it a try one morning last week for snack time.  It was very delicious and a great way to enjoy a winter time drink on a 90+ degree day. 

frozen hot chocolate
(served in our snowman cups that we are still using from Christmas Eve)

My boys love making "fire hair".  One day I will probably give in and let them get a spiked haircut but for now I'm holding out as long as I can.

There are some mornings that I have to stop, look around, and just thank God for the blessings in my life.  This was a morning one day last week.  I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast and David and the boys were laying on the couch watching cartoons.  There was no hustle and bustle.  There was no rushing my boys to get dressed and out the door.  There was little to no stress at all.  Homeschooling does have it's advantages!  We ate, got dressed, and still started school by 8:00. 

chilling out on a school morning

Below are two videos I took one evening last week of David and the boys playing outside.  I could just sit for hours and watch those boys play and listen to those sweet giggles.

On Thursday we had Bible study in the village of Muyurco.  Here is Cruz "reading" before we got started.  He is looking at a Spanish Bible story book written by two of our IMB families- the Stamps and the Lyons.  There is not a time that I do not see that book that it doesn't make me grateful to the ones who have served before us and given of their time to make resources available so that others can know the stories of the Bible.  We will always be thankful for the influence these families have had on our lives and ministry.

I pray that one day Cruz will be sharing those stories as well.

After Bible study the kids spent some time playing together.  It blesses my heart to see my boys enjoying the village life.

a video of them sliding down the hill in Muyurco

a precious child that I love getting to see every week

On Saturday morning we had Bible study in the village of Lagunetas.  I did not take any photos but we had a good turnout.  I love seeing new faces each week. 

On Saturday afternoon we attended a birthday party for a sweet little girl who lives a few houses down.  My boys have become great friends with her and they play together almost every day.  They are either at our house, her house, or somewhere in between but always together. 

On our way to the party.  We had to wake Ben up to go.  He looks thrilled doesn't he. ha

the party theme was Sheriff Callie

The party was a blast for the kids.  There was so much for them to do.  We were there for four hours and I don't think my boys hardly stopped the whole time.

There were several electric scooters for the kids to ride.  By the end of the party Cruz was riding solo and loving it!

there was a trampoline

they had two bounce houses

two huge pinatas- one for the girls and one for the boys

and my boys favorite thing about the party was the candy buffet.  What kid wouldn't like unlimited access to sugar!!!  We let them have all they wanted (and then made sure to brush their teeth really well before bedtime). 

Cruz, the birthday girl, and Ben
She had a cute Sheriff Callie costume she wore to the party with cowboy boots.  She's precious and my boys love her!

The boys having their photo made with the Sparky pinata.
As you can see in the photo they also had a clown come to do a show for the kids.  This party was over the top!

Ben hitting the pinata

Sunday morning was Bible study in the village.  It was a combined service for the villages of Nearar,  Muyurco, and Porto Suelo.  David left the house at 8:00 that morning and didn't return home until 4:30 that afternoon.  It was a long day for him!  

Then around 6:00 our team arrived in Chiquimula.  We greeted them at the hotel and got them checked in to their rooms before heading to supper at the hotel restaurant.  Afterwards they came to our house for devotion and fellowship time. 

our team from First Baptist Church Mt. Pleasant, SC
Alan, Gina, Liz, Heather, Jennifer, and Mike

They will be here with us until Saturday.  It's been a busy, but great week working alongside them.  Pray God's blessings over our remaining time together.  I'll share an update next week about our time together.

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