Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mostly Randomness About The Boys

I have not posted much lately apart from the holidays.  I think I'm just still tired and trying to recoup.  Last week was busy.  In addition to getting back into school we had three Bible studies.  They all went great but I didn't take a single photo at either of them.  Miguel went with David on Sunday morning to Nearar and it always excites us when he goes along.  We have two upcoming Bible studies this week.  We will be in Muyurco this afternoon and back in Nearar on Sunday morning.  We are teaching in Lagunetas every other Saturday so we do not have plans to return there until the 23rd.  Would you pray for our teaching times?  Pray for us as we prepare, go, and teach.  Pray also for receptive and open hearts of the people we will be sharing with.

I realized that I have several photos of the boys that I have not posted so the rest of this post will be catching up on my boys. 

It's always warm here so we spend a lot of time outside.  I love that!  One afternoon David squirted some soap on our carport and made the boys a slip 'n slide.  We have done that one time before and they sure do love it!  Here is Cruz waiting to get wet and soapy.

Ben's face here just makes me laugh.

fun, fun, fun!

Here is a short video of them sliding

One afternoon the boys were playing with their Hot Wheels while watching cartoons.  I passed through the room and noticed that one of them had sorted their cars by color.  

On another recent occasion I walked in the boys room during nap time to check on them and found Ernie taped to the wall over Cruz's bed. 

He said he did it to scare me.  If you ever doubted that I have my hands full this is proof. ha  These boys keep me on my toes daily.

One night last week after eating supper at home we made a quick decision to walk next door to the restaurant for coffee and dessert.  It was spontaneous and not something we do often so that made it extra fun.  We ordered two pieces of pie and all shared them.  Afterwards we took our normal nightly walk and needed it after those rich desserts.  I love spur of the moment things.  I think it makes for some fun memories.

The boys helped me fix supper last Friday night.  David and I had baked cheese ravioli and the boys wanted homemade pizzas.  We make the pizzas using English muffins with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese on top.  They love them and always enjoy helping me make them.

After supper we had a "rock 'n roll night".  That is what the boys always call it.  What that means is we turn the lights down, crank up some music, and they dance.  It's fun and my boys just laugh and giggle the whole time.

you make me feel like dancing...

This boy cracks me up!  He has always loved to dance.

I hope one day they will look back on memories like this and smile.

rock 'n roll nights can make a little boy tired

bike riding on Sunday afternoon with the neighbors

sweet Ben

Here is a video of the boys playing with some of our neighbors on Sunday afternoon.  Notice my two wearing motorcycle helmets.  They thought that was really cool.  They were building ramps out of old construction pieces and riding their bikes over them.  They can come up with so much to keep themselves entertained.  We usually just sit back, laugh, and watch them.

This week I've been busy with school.  David has been out visiting and getting things ready for our upcoming teams.  We are eagerly looking forward to that fellowship time with our ministry partners from the States.  Our first group of 2016 arrives on the 24th.  That's only ten days away (not that I'm counting down the days or anything, ha).  It'll be here before we know it!

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