Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our Weekend

We finished up our school week, ate a quick lunch, loaded the car, and then set out on the drive to Honduras on Friday afternoon.

Here are the boys hanging out at the border crossing while we got our passports stamped.

and here they are a few minutes later trying to catch a butterfly.  They kept everyone in there entertained.

After arriving to Copan and getting settled in we walked down the street to Cafe Welchez for coffee and dessert.  We ordered carrot cake and Snicker's cake.  Both of them were delicious and went great with my cappuccino. 

afternoon snack break at Cafe Welchez in Copan, Honduras

Cruz snapped this photo of us after eating our dessert.  I was so full and wanted to lay down on that patio sofa and take a nap. ha

Here is Ben beside the Christmas tree at Cafe Welchez.

and here is our family in front of the Christmas tree at our hotel lobby

We spent most of the afternoon visiting with our Ag partner Dan Watson.  It was great to catch up with him and hear about the work on his side of the border.  We also talked about some ways we could work together in the coming year.

That evening we had plans to visit a new missionary family serving in Copan and have supper with them in their home.  We had been communicating through email for a few months but this was our first time to meet them face to face.  I was really excited about getting to know them and especially for our kids to play together.   We had a fun evening and are looking forward to seeing them again in the new year.

new friends

me and my sweet boys on Saturday morning in Copan

We visited with our missionary friend Tim on Saturday and had lunch with him.  For a short time he rented the apartment above us when we lived in Camotan (prior to moving into Chiquimula).  He is now starting a ministry in the Copan area and it was good to hear how the Lord is using him there.  We enjoyed our fellowship time with him sitting around the table.

Before leaving town I made a stop by a gift store in search for a nativity set.  I did not have one from Honduras and wanted one to add to my collection.  This is the one I picked out.  Purple is my favorite color so this one I loved.

This is the one I purchased back in March on my trip to Lima, Peru.  Isn't it precious!

While I was shopping David was busy keeping the boys from tearing the place apart, ha.  He ended up buying them both a slingshot.  Is he crazy???  Here they are as soon as we got back home eager to head outside and try them out.  I'll keep you posted on any broken glass replacements that we might encounter in the near future.

Here is Ben on Saturday night enjoying a jelly quesadilla dipped in Nutella.  It was his request and as you can see he enjoyed the nutella a lot!

David led Bible study in the village of Nearar on Sunday morning.  We rested in the afternoon and that evening we gathered around the computer screen and enjoyed a live streaming of Carols by Candlelight.  It is an annual Christmas program put on by First Baptist Church, Jackson, MS.  It was wonderful and I loved that our family got to enjoy it.  The music just blessed our hearts.  My sweet friend back home, Malinda, sings in the choir there.  We loved picking her face out from the group.  It was a fun evening and I think we'll try to make this an annual part of our Christmas time from now on.  Isn't technology great!!!

my boys watching Carols by Candlelight on Sunday evening

So that wrapped up our weekend.  It was fun from start to finish.  I cannot believe it is only 9 more days until Christmas.  We are ready for it to come but not quite ready for it to pass.  This is such a fun time of the year.

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