Friday, December 4, 2015

Fun in Pana

Most of our time in Panajachel was spent just lounging around and resting.  We did squeeze in a little bit of school to stay on track.  The boys would play hard all day long.  We rarely saw them because they stayed outside playing in the yard for hours at a time.  It was nice.  Really nice!  One morning we took a boat ride on the lake.  Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  It is surrounded by three volcanoes  and has some of the most amazing views ever.   It is seven hours away from us so we do not get there very often but when we do we always enjoy our time. 

David and the boys on the pier before we boarded our boat

Cruz was ecstatic about getting to ride in the boat.  He has done it two other times but was too young to remember.  I don't think he will ever forget this time.  He loved it!

David and Ben

me and Cruz

There is a lookout at the top of that mountain.  I would love to visit it someday.

sweet Ben enjoying a boat ride on Lake Atitlan

beautiful volcano views

me and my boys
I cannot imagine life without them!

getting wet

a view of Panajachel as we returned to the pier

our family enjoying Lake Atitlan

a view of our boat, the lake, and a volcano from the pier

my boys at Lake Atitlan

After our morning boat ride we visited a local hotel for a snack.  The boys enjoyed fresh fruit drinks and we enjoyed coffee and a cappuccino.  I love the glasses that they served the boy's drinks in.  They curved towards you. 

We also all split a piece of chocolate cake and some flan.

 tuk tuk rides are always fun!

a little fun back at our mission house

love that smile!

sweet Ben in Panajachel

Cruz enjoyed catching roly polies and putting them in this wheelbarrow.  It was just another simple thing we did while there to have some fun and make some memories. 

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