Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Field Trip to the Police Station

Last week we took a field trip to the local Chiquimula police station.  I had wanted us to go back when we studied letter "P" but we postponed it.  We have a missionary friend who serves in our area who has a wonderful ministry with the local police and we thought it would be better to go with him.  He was in the States for several months and just recently returned to Guatemala.

We met him there one afternoon and Cruz was very excited.
my boys on their field trip to the local police station

Cruz sitting in the chair of the chief of police

visiting some of the police station workers

He loved getting to hold a police baton

and getting to play behind a police shield

He got to hug and shake hands with several officers and that made him very happy. 

Cruz with our friend Josh.  We are thankful that he took some time to show us around.

Afterwards we drove to the mall to let the boys play.  They had been given some Christmas money by some other missionary friends to buy tokens at the mall arcade and they were eager to spend it.

When we walked into the mall we noticed that Santa was there taking photos with the kids.  There was no line and it was free.  I let the boys go jump in his lap and I snapped a few photos.  We do not put a lot of emphasis on Santa in our Christmas celebration but the boys know who he is. 

my boys with the mall Santa
(just look at Cruz's dirty knees!!!  oh my)

We bought their tokens and then turned them loose.

they have always loved riding this big horse

It didn't show up very well in this photo but if you look back at recent photos that I have posted you will notice that Ben has a big black eye.  He fell on Thanksgiving night from jumping on the couch at our Pana mission house.  It had been two weeks in this photo.  Tomorrow will be three weeks and it is still very blue.  I am beginning to think it will be permanent. ha 

They also got to buy some time in the bounce house.  They were having a blast until they fell and the back of Ben's head connected with Cruz's front teeth and it was down hill from there.

We enjoyed some McDonald's chicken nuggets before calling it a night and heading home for bath and bed time.  It was a pretty fun outing for my two little guys.

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