Friday, December 11, 2015

A Peek At Our Week

We have had a pretty great week.  It has been full of company and laughs around our table.  That always makes my heart happy.

On Monday afternoon we greeted the Millers with a pot of coffee and some homemade peanut butter cookies.  They are retiring soon and wanted to make one more visit over to our work area before leaving Guatemala.  It has always been a joy to have them in our home over the years and it was sad to know that this was their last visit for a while.  We spent the whole afternoon visiting and then ate supper together around our table before calling it a night.

David, me, Glynis, and David

The Millers with our boys

We joined them for breakfast on Tuesday morning at the hotel next door before saying our last goodbyes.  We are going to miss them!

The Whites and the Millers

Tuesday afternoon the boys had a playdate with the McIntyre kids.  Their family serves here in our area and has become our friends.  They are getting ready to go to the States for Christmas so we kept the kids while the parents did some last minute packing.  Later that evening we all ate supper together and then the kids played while the adults visited.

the kids eating supper

a funny pose

The Whites and the McIntyres

and another funny pose.  As this photo shows it is always a fun, lively time when we get together with them.

On Wednesday we took a field trip to visit the local police station.  Cruz loved that and I'll write about it in a separate post. 

Thursday afternoon we were back in Muyurco for Bible study.  It is always a highlight of my week to go there.
I love little Batman following his daddy up the muddy trail.

And here are my two rowdy ones dancing in the car as we drove back down the bumpy mountain road.  Oh boy do they keep our lives entertained!!!

This morning we are finishing up another full week of homeschool and then plan to make a drive over to Copan, Honduras.  We have a few visits to make over there and hopefully a stop or two by the local coffee shop for coffee and dessert before returning home.  That is always my favorite part of any trip there.  We are looking forward to a great weekend.  Pray that we have a safe one.  I'll see you back here on Monday.

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