Friday, November 6, 2015

Dinosaurs And More

Last Friday afternoon we took the boys to see a local dinosaur exhibit.  It had been in our town for about six weeks already.  We had promised the boys we would take them since we saw them setting it up but life got busy and we had not gone.  We found out it was the last weekend for it to be here so we knew we had to go. 

my boys excited about seeing the dinosaurs

Most all of the dinosaurs were mechanical.  They moved and made loud noises.  I wasn't expecting it to scare the boys but it did.  They really enjoyed it, but they were nervous the whole time.

me and the boys getting up close with the dinosaurs

I wish you could hear Ben screaming in this photo.  I backed right up to the head of this one and he was terrified.  I think his screaming scared everybody around. ha  He was clawing me like a cat and I was laughing uncontrollably. 

This dinosaur was their favorite.  It was HUGE!

our family having fun at the dinosaur exhibit in Chiquimula

Here is a short video of the dinosaurs

Look what opened in our town last month!!!  We stopped by here to pick up supper.  They offer $5.00 hot and ready pizzas just like in the States.  We will definitely keep them in business.


And here is a video of my wild two on the way back home.  If you have ever thought that my life was calm, normal, or sane here is proof that I am in way over my head.  HA

The rest of these photos are just random pictures from the past week-
I walked into the boys room one day to find this sight.  Cruz had Ben sitting down pretending to cut his hair with the plastic scissors from his medical kit.  He had even turned one of their capes around backwards and put it on him like the barbers do.  It was a cute sight but made me gasp.  Needless to say we all sat down and had a long talk about scissors and hair. 

My boys after their "haircuts".  The funny part was while doing it Cruz was speaking to Ben only in Spanish.  He was asking questions and talking just like the barbers do to him.  It was cute.

and here they are on another night showing me their new styles that they had done in their bathroom

they call this look "fire hair"

There was a team from Florida that we know staying at the hotel next door.  They brought us down these wonderful fall treats. 

I have already baked my first pumpkin pie of the season and it was delicious.

David brought this "pumpkin" home from the village last Sunday.  A family from our Bible study gave it to him.  It was heavy. 

We let it sit around as decoration for a few days and then we cut it open. 

The boys helped a little in the cleaning process.  They are not too crazy about touching the insides though.  I cleaned it, cooked it, and pureed it.  It gave me 12 cups of pumpkin puree.

I used some of the puree to make six loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  It is a family favorite! We ate a loaf in less than a day.  I gave three loaves away and have two in the freezer.  It made my house smell amazing!!!

The rest of the puree I have in the freezer.  I plan to bake some more bread next week. 

On Wednesday night we hosted the Lubeck's for supper.  They have just returned home after spending a few months in the States.  We were all glad to see them and catch up with them about their trip.  They are precious folks and we are so blessed to have them in our lives!

On Thursday afternoon we had Bible study in Muyurco.   Before starting our study the kids enjoyed a time of playing on a homemade see-saw the family had made. 

 the kids on the see-saw

After the Bible study the kids all gathered out back and shelled beans.   It was so sweet to see them all working together.  My boys thought it was the funnest thing. 

They finished a whole bowl full before we left.  Cruz told me "mama, we are helping them have supper".   We pray everyday for the village people to have food to eat so it was good for my boys to get to participate in this with them.  That night Cruz prayed and thanked God that the family in Muyurco had beans to eat for supper.  It was precious, just precious!!!

So now we are back to Friday again.  I am looking forward to finishing up another week of school and having the weekend to chill out.  The next three weekends are going to be busy for us so I'm going to rest while I can.  Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be back next week with a few photos of ours.

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