Thursday, October 8, 2015

We survived!

I had mentioned in my last weekend post that David was away on a trip.  What I didn't include was the fact that he was gone for a total of 9 days!  Yes, nine looong, hard days!  In our almost 9 years of being here I can only remember one night that he was away overnight.  That was just a few years ago when he was leading some training in Honduras.  I'm just not used to us not being together.  I am also not used to having to take care of the boys all by myself without help or a break.  Oh my, oh my, oh my!  It was the hardest week of my life!  ha  I don't think I have ever been so tired and felt so run down.  I am still feeling completely exhausted and not sure when I'll feel caught up and rested.

Anyway, here is a little look at how we spent our time-

I took advantage of the playlands in our area.  We visited a different one almost every day.   Sometimes we would go to eat and other times we would go just to play.  
my boys climbing the rock wall at the mall playland in Chiquimula

Ben on the rock wall

Unfortunately I didn't plan very well and ended up needing to make a grocery store run while David was gone.   I bravely took both boys in with me to shop.  It was torture, pure torture.
there just are no words....

I took them swimming one afternoon and we ended up staying at the pool for two hours.  I think that is the longest we have ever swam.  We were the only ones there and the boys could not have played better together.  That was a blessing from the Lord.

Here they are chasing the peacocks that roam the hotel grounds.

And here they are running.  They always love to run when we take them swimming.  I like that it burns off extra energy.

Playing in the ball pit at Pollo Campero in Chiquimula.

And as if I wasn't struggling enough holding down the fort at home the boys decided one night to flood their bedroom floor and make it a slip 'n slide.  They jumped out of the shower and dumped water on the floor and then took turns sliding across it on their bellies.  They loved it!  Me, not so much.  That was just one of many nights I took a Tylenol PM and went to bed early.

I posted already about our homeschool week and also about our Kid's Day celebration.  The boys were sad that Kid's Day fell while their daddy was out of town but I made sure they had a fun day anyway.  Friday night we had company come to see us.  Another missionary family who's husband was away on the trip with David came to spend the night with us.  We were thrilled to have Karen and Daniel Thomas in our home.  I enjoyed having Karen to visit with and the boys loved having Daniel to play with.  We all had a fun time together.

Karen, Cruz, Daniel, Ben, and me

We spent some time on Friday afternoon swimming.

Daniel and Cruz

On Saturday morning we all drove in to Guatemala City together.  I followed them in our car.  When David left for his trip he took the bus from Chiquimula to Guatemala City because he didn't want me and the boys on the road by ourselves traveling back home.  Having someone to follow allowed us to be able to go into the City and greet David when he returned. 

Along the way we stopped for a bathroom break at Sarita's in El Rancho.  They are having a "Taste of our Country" promotion and had a corn flavored ice cream.  Karen had tried it already and suggested that I get it.  It was a little on the sweet side but I liked it. 

Atol de Elote ice cream at Sarita's.  I loved the whole corn pieces that were mixed into it.

Later that evening in Guatemala City I took the boys to a local mall for haircuts and to pick up some groceries (yes another trip to the grocery store with my wild ones but this time Karen was with me).
My boys playing around at the mall food court in Guatemala City.

On Sunday we made a visit to the Guatemala City Zoo.  We have been several times and always have fun.  It is a great zoo!

My boys ran (literally) all over the place.

looking at the hippos

We went inside a bird exhibit to see the birds up close.  While we were looking around one of the birds decided to land on Karen's head.  It was not funny at the time but we have since laughed about it a lot.  I am just glad it chose her head and not mine.  I would have had a fit.

Thankfully Karen took the boys in to see the snakes.  I just can't do it.  I was nervous just sitting outside knowing snakes were so close by, ha.

The boys petting a miniature horse.

me and my boys at the Guatemala City Zoo

I loved the penguin exhibit most of all.  It was really fun watching them swim.

my boys watching the penguins

Karen and the boys at the zoo.  She was such a lifesaver for me.  I loved getting to spend a few days with her.  She is one of the best encouragers to me as a mother and a homeschool teacher.  She always makes me feel better and her words of wisdom bless my heart in ways I cannot even describe.  I am thankful for her friendship especially at this stage in my life.

One of our zoo traditions is to buy cotton candy.  My boys do not get it often but we always buy it at the zoo.  Here is Cruz enjoying his.  Look at that smile.  That boys loves cotton candy!

Thankfully, on Monday afternoon David flew back to Guatemala and we welcomed him with big smiles.  He brought us some great gifts including this box of Krispy Kreme donuts he picked up from the airport in Mexico City.  How "sweet" was that!  I have never been happier to see him.  I have always known that I was spoiled because he helps me so much but his time away showed me just how much of a helpmate he really is.

We returned home to Chiquimula on Tuesday morning and have spent the rest of our week trying to get life back to normal.  I had dreaded him going from the moment I found out about his trip.  I am glad it is over and I hope it is a long time before he has to be away from home again.

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