Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our Week

Most of our week has consisted of homeschool and getting things ready for our upcoming team.  But, when we weren't doing those things here is look at how we spent our time.

On Monday afternoon Cruz and I had our six month dental cleaning.  I mentioned in my last post that David and Ben went one morning the week before while we were home doing school. I am thankful that my boys do so well at the dentist and always make us proud.  It is rare that we can say that about an outing with them so when they do well we really praise them. 

Cruz at the dentist

Afterwards as we were driving across town we got a little entertainment at a red light.  It is common here for people to do street acts and then ask for tips as you wait for the light to change green.

This was the BEAUTIFUL sunset we saw that evening.

Another sunset view and also McDonald's in the background.  As you can see from the sign the McRib is back.

Here are the boys on Tuesday morning before we started school.  Cruz was helping me change the sheets on the bed and then realized it was much more fun to climb inside them and hop around the house.  He got his brother to join him and they pretended to be kangaroos. 

In our read aloud time this week we finished Charlotte's Web.  My boys loved it!  To celebrate I made these spider snacks on Wednesday during our morning school break.  I used pretzel sticks and melted white chocolate to make the webs.  The spiders are plastic. 

We also celebrated by making an afternoon visit to a local farm/ ranch that is near our house.  It is a beautiful place to go to hang out, ride bikes, and enjoy the scenery.

the boys loved visiting the horse stalls and seeing the horses

there were also a lot of sheep, cows, and bulls

Here is a video of them admiring "a BIG horse"

We invited a few friends to join us.  Outings are always more fun with friends.  Here are all the kids on their bikes.

Ben riding a horse

Cruz riding a horse

On Thursday afternoon we led Bible study in the village of Muyurco. 

I love this sweet photo of David and Ben on the trail to Bible study.  It blesses my heart.

Cruz in Muyurco on Thursday afternoon

David has been busy all week getting all the details worked out for our upcoming team and purchasing supplies for them.  Everything is lined up and we are now waiting for their Sunday arrival. But, before that we have a retirement party to attend for two of our mission families that will be leaving the field in December.  It is the first of two retirement parties taking place soon within our Guatemala mission family.  I'll post an update about it sometime next week.  Happy Saturday! 

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