Wednesday, October 28, 2015

On The Go

I am a little behind on my blogging.  I didn't update last week because we had a team so I had plans to catch up this week.  But, I am now at home sick with dengue fever. Ugh!  Life is always unexpected around here. ha  To begin catching up here is a look at our life from a few weeks ago.

We don't make a lot of trips into Guatemala City on a regular basis but have spent the past two weekends there.   That is unusual for us.  We went in on a Friday afternoon to visit with mission family and attend a retirement party for two families that will be leaving Guatemala in December. 

Stopping for ice cream and a bathroom break at Sarita's in El Rancho is becoming a regular part of our trips into the City.  It's a fun break and helps make the travel a little more bearable. 

It is hot where we live and dry most all of the year.  One of the things we enjoy about visiting Guatemala City is the cooler weather.  This particular weekend thought it was not only cool but raining the whole time.  I don't particularly like the cool mixed with rain.  Brrrrrr.....  These shorts and flip flop wearers kept jackets on the whole time.

We did some shopping while there to stock up on supplies.  While I was in one store David and the boys visited a local bakery, San Martin, and picked us up a delicious pumpkin pie.  It is our family's favorite dessert.  My boys compare everything they like to pumpkin pie.  They will say "mama, this is good like pumpkin pie".  When they say that I know they like it.   I cannot wait to make us one from scratch once I get to feeling better. 

My boys "helping" us shop in PriceSmart.  It is a warehouse membership club similar to Sam's in the States.  We buy a lot of things in bulk from there.  I keep a running list for our trips into the Capital.  What the boys love most about it is all of the free food samples they give out.  They eat everything and ask for more.

My favorite purchase of the weekend was these two pumpkins.   Not much excites me like finding pumpkins here in the fall.  Now I am eager to take fall photos of my boys with the pumpkins.  It might be a while before I get around to it but I'll get it done.

We gathered around noontime on Saturday for a retirement party for two of our mission families.  As many of you might already know our organization, the IMB, is downsizing and asking 600-800 personnel to take an early retirement.  This party was for the Hardemans and Millers.  These two couples were already planning to retire in December before the news broke.   Since the announcement we now have at least four more couples joining them.  We have another party planned for the other families in mid-November.  Here are a few photos from the first party we attended.
Glynis and David Miller (seated) being presented a plaque from Jerry Cadenhead.  The Millers are retiring after serving eight years in Guatemala.  They have been such good friends and encouragers to us over the years.  We are going to miss them!

Helen and George Hardeman being presented a plaque by Mark Fricke.  The Hardemans are retiring after serving 44 years on the mission field in Guatemala.  What an amazing legacy they are leaving behind.  They will be missed by many for years to come!

Gini, Melody, and Jessica

Karen, Janet, and Margie

Cruz with his buddy Daniel

The Lyons- Alan, Jessica, and Melody

The boys with Uncle George

The party in itself was fun but you can imagine the laughter that erupted when these 'ol gals made an appearance-
Debby, Karen, Janet, and Margie
These four were a hoot and had us all laughing with tears!!!


fun times with our mission family!

We returned back to our mission house late that afternoon just in time to greet our new supervisor (Anthony Conner) and his family from Mexico who had flown in to meet with us and a few other families.  We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening eating and meeting with him and his wife. 

Our family with the Conners on Sunday morning

Later that day our next team arrived.  Here we are in our home on Sunday night after our evening devotion time.  Next I'll post about our fun week with them.

Dengue fever is NOT fun.  While most of the symptoms I have had so far have been bearable (although painful) I began the dreaded process of breaking out into a rash late yesterday.  This was the worst part for me when I had dengue fever back in 2007.  It makes you feel miserable, just MISERABLE!  I am on day 5 now so if I can just get through the next two days I should be on the mend.  When it comes to being down and sick for a whole week I'll repeat the famous quote that I've been saying all week long "ain't nobody got time for this". ha  Would you pray for me a full recovery.  The fatigue that comes when the fevers are gone can linger for weeks.  Oh how I want to feel like my old self again!!!

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