Monday, October 19, 2015

Lions and Kings

Here is a look at week 10 of our homeschool year.  We did letters K and L.  Our themes were Kites, Koalas, Kangaroos, Lambs, Lobsters, Ladybugs, Lamps, and Lions.  What a fun week it was!  We watched a few Wild Kratt episodes on you tube about some of the animals we were studying.  My boys love the Kratts! 

Our curriculum gives us an object each week that goes with each letter.  We learned that K is for kites.

We made some kites to hang in our school room window out of construction paper and tissue paper.  Here are my silly boys making theirs.
Our kites

I made them some kite shaped sandwiches for lunch one day.  I used PB&J sandwiches, raisins, marshmallows, and cheese.  

We had another week of learning place value in math.  This week we learned the 100's place.  It started out as quite a challenge for Cruz and by far his hardest lesson yet. 

"Every value has its own place"

Our curriculum provides a black and white poster to help learn where the blocks go but it didn't seem to help Cruz much.  So, I decided to google "place value charts" (because I'm still yet to join Pinterest) and found a cute idea and made my own colored poster instead.  I love how it turned out and it helped him greatly! 

Here is Ben helping Cruz do math one day.

Look at that smile.  That is a smile of confidence!

Here is my little Spiderman about to practice cutting with scissors.

And here he is making a King craft.

We learned "Old King Cole" and made these king crafts.

The nursery rhyme mentions fiddlers.  "What does fiddle music sound like" asked a sweet five year old.  Well we went to you tube to find out and listened to several different videos about it.  They soon picked up on how people dance to fiddle music and here they are dancing to one of the songs.  I didn't plan on that being a part of our lesson but it was sure fun.

Our king/ letter K themed breakfast one morning.

Our letter L breakfast another day.

Cruz painting a lamb.  We dipped cotton balls in white paint and then made dots on the paper for the lamb's body.

Our little lambs

We learned "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and "Little Bo Peep"

L is for Lamp

 Each week our curriculum has us cut pictures from magazines that begin with the letter we are learning.  I make Cruz find several pictures and also write the word below for extra writing practice.  Here are his letter L pictures.

We loved our lesson on ladybugs.  Here is our craft we made afterwards.

And we saved the best for last by studying lions on Friday.  My boys LOVE lions and tigers.   The San Diego Zoo has several animal videos on you tube and we watched the one about lion cubs this week.  It is a great resource.  We then made these lion crafts out of paper plates, paint, and construction paper.

Here are my boys roaring like lions while making their crafts.

Cruz working on his sight words.

Our science lessons just get more and more fun each week.  We are doing a month long study on air and this week focused on wind. We began by reading the story of the Three Little Pigs. 

Here they are making Hot Wheels move by blowing air through a straw.

We  had a water drop race.  I put a drop of water on wax paper in front of them both and they had to use their straws to blow it over the finish line.  How fun!

David even got in on this one.  The boys loved racing their daddy.

fun times

a video of our water drop race

We made sailboats one afternoon out of plastic lids, straws, and cardstock paper.

The next day in class we put them in water and blew them around.  That was a lot of fun for little boys!                                                                                               

Our Bible stories this week were all about Jacob.  Our new songs were "Come, Ye Thankful People", "Always Say Thank You", and "God Made Me".  Our memory verse was Isaiah 43:5.  I am really loving our Abeka Bible lessons!  They are giving Cruz a very thorough study of God's Word. 

Cruz reciting Isaiah 43:5 "Fear not: for I am with thee."

So that is how we ended another great week.  School is turning out to be a whole lot more fun than I ever imagined it would be.  I know it won't always be fun but while it is I am going to enjoy it.

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