Monday, October 5, 2015

Letters G and H

Our language arts curriculum has us doing two letters a week now until we complete the alphabet.  Last week was our first week to double up and we did letters G and H.  We had some fun daily themes and had a great week of learning.  Our math lessons focused on triangles.  We finished up our month long water theme in science with some lessons on absorption.  We had fun testing whether objects repelled or absorbed water.  Our Bible stories were titled "Isaac and Ishmael", "Offering of Isaac", and "A Bride for Isaac".  Our new Bible song was titled "Saved Every Day of the Week" and our memory verse was Ephesians 6:1.  Here is a look at week 8 of our homeschool-

So far Cruz loves math.  He is counting to 100 and counting by 10's. 

In this math exercise he had to color the number I called out in each group.

Our first letter G theme was goats.  We did this craft and watched several you tube videos about them.  We also watched a video about making goat cheese.  We read the story "The Three Billy Goats Gruff."  My boys love that story.

I sent them outside with a cup to pick some grass. 

We then glued (another "g" word) green grass on capital and lower case G's.

 My boys loved these ghost bananas we had for snack.

On Tuesday we read several books about Grover and watched some Super Grover videos on you tube.  We also learned about grapes. 
Here are the boys coloring grapes.  We watched videos about how grapes are grown. 

We enjoyed green grapes for our morning snack.

Here are the boys doing a science lesson.  We collected things around the house to see if they repelled or absorbed water.  This was a fun activity.  On another day we went on a nature walk to collect things to test.

Does a Styrofoam plate repel water or absorb it?  That is what Cruz is finding out here.

Here is his workbook entry for this week.

 On Wednesday we began letter H and kicked it off with "H" shaped pancakes.

Our themes that day were hands and horses.  I love this fall handprint craft we did from our Abeka Art for K5 book.

I gave Cruz a roll of tape and had him make the letter H on the floor.  He loved that!

I made these sheets for letters G and H to look at other things that start with those letters.  I had Cruz color the pictures and then write the words below.  They have been good for review.

My boys love horses so learning about them was a lot of fun.

We had goldfish crackers for snack one day but first we had to do a math activity with them.  

We cut hearts and then glued them to form the letter H.

Thursday's theme was houses.  We learned that H is for house and made these out of the letter H.  We also read a book about the different types of houses that people live in around the world. 

Friday we studied hermit crabs.  We read two stories about them and watched several videos. 

We also learned Humpty Dumpty and Hickory Dickory Dock

We painted pumpkins to add to our fall themed door.

Here is Cruz saying his memory verse of the week  Ephesians 6:1.  

This was my hardest week of school yet because David was away on a trip so I was also single parenting all week while trying to school.  It is a miracle we got anything accomplished at all, ha.  But, we (I) survived and looking back I probably had a lot more fun than it felt like at the moment.  Hallelujah he comes home today.  That's another letter H word I'll be shouting all day long. 

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