Friday, October 2, 2015

Kid's Day 2015

Yesterday, October 1, was Kid's Day in Guatemala.  It is like Mother's Day and Father's Day but celebrates the kids.  There are gifts, parties, cake, balloons, pinatas, and lots of candy on this day.  The kids have celebrations in the schools and look forward to this day every year.  It is just a fun day set aside to let the kids know how special and loved they are.

Our celebration was more simple this year because Cruz was not in a Guatemalan school to be a part of their parties.  Days like this really make me miss him being in Spanish school.   We had our normal day of homeschool and just added celebrations in.

I always decorate for special occasions.  A few years ago I made a banner that I hang each year and I always have streamers and balloons.  For the past three years the boys and I have made crowns for them to wear on this day just for fun.  They are my little kings for the day.  I decorate when they go to bed at night so that it will be a fun surprise for them when they wake up the next morning.  Here is our dining room decorated for kid's day this year-
It's just a simple banner, streamers, balloons, and the table set for breakfast.  I placed their crowns on their plates to wear while they ate.

I hung another banner and balloons outside their bedroom door to find when they walked out the next morning.

Our Kid's Day breakfast this year was heart shaped blueberry pancakes.  The heart was also part of our Letter H theme for the week in school.

 Cruz ready for breakfast

Ben ready for breakfast with a mouth full of marshmallows 

 and here is my sweet Ben back on Kid's Day 2013 eating pancakes and wearing his crown 

 my boys on Kid's Day 2015

 my boys on Kid's Day 2013 and 2014

brotherly love

I took this photo of them watching cartoons in the afternoon.  They look so sweet here!

 and then they said "let's make a funny face" and this is what I got.  It is definitely more realistic of our lives these days, ha.

Another tradition I started a few years ago for this holiday was making a smiley face cake.  This was our cake this year.  We had chocolate.  I use M&M's to make the face.

 This was our lemon cake in 2013 and vanilla cake in 2014. 

My boys ready to eat some cake.  We took it to the mall food court where we met some friends for supper.  After eating we all had cake there together.  My boys had a blast playing with the other missionary kids and I had a blast getting to talk to other adults.

my boys with the McIntyre kids at the mall playland in Chiquimula

It was a great way to end our day being with friends.  Children are a blessing from the Lord and sometimes it's good to stop and celebrate the precious gift that they are. 

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