Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Cleaning, Some Crafting, and a lot of Cooking

While Cruz and I did school on Friday morning David and Ben made a visit to the dentist for their six month cleaning.  David said Ben climbed right up in the chair and did so well while the dentist worked.  He is not a fan of the fluoride they wipe on your teeth at the end but other than that he never made a peep.  Our local dentist here in Chiquimula has a television mounted overhead so the kids get to watch cartoons while she works.  That helps a lot.

Ben ready to have his teeth cleaned

Friday afternoon the boys and I worked on a fall craft.  We made fall trees to put on our dining room table.

This video makes me smile because there was a time when I thought Cruz would NEVER sit still and do anything.   This shows me the maturity level between a three year old and a five year old.  Cruz still has his moments but he has come a long way! 


our fall trees

they look cute on our table

That night we invited some friends over for dinner and a movie.  We ordered pizza, popped popcorn, set up our projector, and had outdoor movie night.  It is one of my favorite things!

I made these fall leaf sugar cookies for our dessert.  With the last bit of dough I formed the letter L because we will be studying that letter this week in school. 

Friday night fun with the McIntyre's

We watched Disney Planes Fire and Rescue.  It is such a cute movie!

Afterwards the kids played while the adults sat outside and talked.  At one point the kids all came out dressed in costumes and did a dance party for us.  They were quite entertaining.  Ben was only dressed in his shorts.  When I asked him what his costume was he said "I'm rock 'n roll man".  ha

Saturday morning breakfast

After breakfast Ben and I went grocery shopping and we spent the rest of the day just chilling out at home.  I spent most of the afternoon working on lesson plans for school.  

On Sunday morning David led Bible study in the village of Nearar.  Miguel came to our house that morning and rode with him.  There was recently a baptismal service in that area for 5 new believers from the villages of Muyurco and Porto Suelo.  This Sunday there will be another baptismal service for one or two more.  Rafa, our leader in the village of Nearar, will be leading the service.  It is a big step for him because it will be his first time to baptize someone.  We are praising God for the way He is working in our Bible studies and in the lives of those who are attending. 

David and Miguel before heading to Bible study on Sunday morning

The boys and I spent the day at home.  Here they are playing with play-doh while I did some cooking.

They spread blankets all over their floor and "read" books.

I made a batch of homemade fudge bars.  My boys love these!

I also made some frozen chocolate covered bananas.  This is one of Ben's favorite snacks.

and I baked two loaves of banana nut bread.  I've got to keep my boy's tummies happy and full. ha

The afternoon was spent playing with the neighbor kids and we ended the day with a night walk.  It was good to have a little down time.  Things are about to get busy around here again so the extra rest was nice.

I'll leave you with these two photos I took of the boys on our recent trip home from Guatemala City.  We had stopped for lunch at Burger King in Teculutan.  I forgot to add them to my other post and they are just too cute not to share. 

Raising these two will be my life's hardest work but oh what joy they bring! 

Hope your week is off to a great start.  Pray for us as we are making final preparations for a team we have arriving over the weekend.  We are anticipating a good time of sharing Christ with them here in our part of the world next week.

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