Friday, September 11, 2015

Letter D

Here is a recap of Week 5 homeschool. 

Monday was Labor Day and I decided to have class as usual.  We didn't have much planned for the holiday so I didn't want to waste that day knowing that I would need/ want to have another day off in the future.  We did take a family photo and I let the boys dress in costumes (a Labor Day tradition).  They chose scrubs so we called them doctors and dentists.  I talked a little with them about the meaning of Labor Day and as part of our Letter D week our theme of the day was doctors and dentists. 

our family on Labor Day 2015 

Our Bible stories this week were Noah and The Tower of Babel.  Here are the boys putting animals on the ark.  (Don't you love their uniforms, ha)

 Cruz doing math

 Ben playing with our Math U See blocks while I worked with Cruz on numbers.

 Matching up capital letters with lower case letters

Next week is Guatemala's Independence Day.  Each day this week we did a Guatemala themed craft and lesson to learn more about the country we live in.  Here is Cruz making the national flower- the monja blanca and a Guatemala flag.

 Painting dots on Letter D

Ben's dots

Cruz's letters he made out of modeling clay

In math this week we talked about bigger/ smaller, more/ less, longer/ shorter, and lighter/ heavier.  Here is an activity I had him do where he had to line Dominos up with the larger number on top and smaller number on bottom.  

A worksheet I made him.  He had to color the side that had the most dots.

Wednesday was our dolphin themed day.  They loved watching videos about dolphins and then making this craft.   They have since begged me to take them over to the pool so that they can "swim like dolphins". 

Also on Wednesday we drew our letters in the dirt.

We then made a dirt themed snack.  Here is Cruz crushing Oreo cookies for our snack.

Our dirt themed snack.  It has chocolate pudding on the bottom, crushed Oreo's on top, and sour gummy worms trying to crawl out.  

 They loved it!

Thursday was duck day.  Here is our duck craft we made.

This makes me smile big.  Here is Cruz helping Ben say the Pledge of Allegiance on Friday morning.

Our Bible verse was Psalm 118:1.  Here is Cruz saying it. 

Dogs was our theme for Friday.  Here is our dog craft.

And of course Cruz wanted his face painted like a dog.  

And here is our school room door on Friday all decorated for Independence Day.  It includes the national bird, flower, flag, map, and instruments of Guatemala.  We are looking forward to a fun day of celebration next Tuesday!

Our science theme this month is Exploring Water.  This week we talked about volume and learned that water can change shape when poured into different containers.  I don't know how I didn't take any pictures (maybe because every day involved water, ha) but I'll try to do better next week.

So that's our week.  It's been another good one.  Homeschooling is hard and takes a lot out of me but it sure is fun!!!

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  1. Hi Love how you are spending so much quality time with your boys! Peace!


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