Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just Me And The Boys

Here is a recap of our weekend.  We began with a night out to eat.  We went to our local Burger Pizza Diner for supper.  We had pepperoni pizza, cheese fries, and a typical egg plate.  What a great combination, huh.  The boys wanted pizza but they also wanted black beans and tortillas so we just made a buffet out of it.  The cheese fries were mostly mine.  Oh how I love those cheese fries!!!

David and the boys at supper on Friday night.  Cruz had just poked himself in the eye so this was the best I could get out of him.

We also all enjoy the frozen orangeades they serve there.  Ben's favorite part is the cherry they put on top.  He gets to eat all of our cherries.

David did some traveling over the weekend which meant the boys and I were home by ourselves. Saturday we mostly just hung out at home and then when it rained that evening we decided to have supper outside on the carport.  Cruz wanted peanut butter on flour tortillas.  Ben asked for a jelly sandwich.  I ended up eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made out of Eggo waffles.  They loved eating outside and watching the rain fall down.

our rainy Saturday night picnic on the carport

The three of us before going to church on Sunday morning in Chiquimula.

Here is a video of the kid's share time during the service.

I took them out to lunch at McDonald's and then we headed home for naps.  As soon as they woke up we headed back into town to attend the afternoon circus in Chiquimula.  Our family loves the circus!  It is definitely one of our favorite things.

My boys with their tickets ready to enter the circus.

me and my wild boys at the circus in Chiquimula

Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, and Papa Smurf entertaining the kids at the circus 

the characters showing off their dance moves

One of my boys favorite things are the circus clowns.  I bought them these circus noses that the clowns were selling.  They lit up and blinked.

Ben preferred to wear his on his head like the doctors do he said.  Several times during the circus he had me open my mouth so he could examine my teeth.

My boys with the youngest circus clown.  It was hot that day (like all days around here) but Cruz insisted on wearing blue jeans.  About half way through the circus he was rolling his pants up.  He is never going to learn that his mama knows what is best!  ha

Ben's favorite part of this circus was when they brought out a large yellow anaconda.  I have a phobia of snakes so it gave me great anxiety.  They asked for kids to come up and pet it and before I could get out of my mouth to ask Ben if he wanted to go he took off running out onto the stage.  Cruz was yelling the whole time "NO BEN...NO BEN...NO BEN..."  He is just like his mama.  Ben went right up as brave as he could be while Cruz and I sat back and shook our heads.  Where was David when I needed him, ha. 

Here is a short video of the clowns with the snake and then Ben walking up to pet it.

My brave little boy!  He does not get that from me.  I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever touch a snake on purpose. 

Afterwards they let groups go up and have their photo taken with the snake.  Oh my oh my!

We returned home for baths and bedtime but before I could tuck Ben in he sneaked into the school room and decorated his face with a red marker.  I can't ever get a break with these two!  

 my little clown before bed time on Sunday night

They tire me out, there is no doubt about that, but they also make my life so much fun.  I wouldn't trade these years for anything!

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