Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Food Distribution Project in Chanco

This past weekend we did a food distribution project in the village of Chanco.  It has been in the works since our last team was here.  While doing door to door visits one of the prayer requests the team heard most was for rain for their crops.  Our part of Guatemala is known as the dry area.  We get very little rain fall and because of that it is extremely difficult on the people to grow crops.  Our area also has high malnutrition rates as a result of this problem.  One of the team members asked if they could purchase food for the village.  We thought it would be a wonderful way to minister to the people there and together we all made it happen.  We are thankful for our partner churches, FBC and LifePark in Mount Pleasant, SC who gave so that the people in the village of Chanco could receive.  Here are some photos of the distribution.

David and Ben sorting food to be given away.

Here is Miguel, a believer from the village of Chanco, helping unload the bags of corn for the distribution.  Each family in the village was given a 100 lb. bag of corn, smaller bags of rice and beans, some cooking oil, and margarine. 

Before the distribution began Miguel gave a devotion.  It was the first time he had done this in his village.  He was nervous but did an amazing job.  We were very proud to see him "step up" and be a bold witness before his own people.

Also before we began one of the village leaders shared with the group and presented us with a certificate of thanks for our partners in the States.  They were very appreciative of all the love the North Americans have shown to them.

David receiving the certificate

The certificate presented to our partner church in the States

We let Miguel lead out in the distribution.  He had a list of each family in the village and would call them up one at a time to receive their food. The people laughed and enjoyed fellowship while they waited for their name to be called.  It was fun to see that.  The whole distribution was very organized, orderly, and flowed well.  We were very proud of the leadership Miguel showed that day!

Ben ready to hand out food.

Cruz giving out food.  My boys loved getting to help and be involved in the project.

Miguel, Cruz, and David 

The people were very happy and thankful.  We are praying that this will help open doors for us to share the gospel there.  Would you join us in praying for that?  Pray specifically for the lostness in that village and that many will come to know Christ as a result of the love that we and our partner churches are trying to show to them.  Our next team comes in October and we will be back in that village doing door to door visits, evangelism, and outreach.  Pray for a harvest in the village of Chanco!

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