Monday, August 17, 2015

The Weekend

We started our weekend off with an afternoon swim.  I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate the first week of school ending. 
thumb's up for the weekend!

David and Ben walked home a little ahead of me and Cruz.  When we returned David let me know that he had taken care of supper.  I looked around and noticed that he wasn't cooking (ha) and asked what we were eating.  He had called in some Chinese and was waiting on it to be delivered.  What a great treat for me not having to cook!  We enjoyed some Shrimp Fried Rice for our meal. 

David and the boys watching a movie on Friday night.  We let them stay up a little later hoping that just maybe they would sleep in a little later on Saturday morning.  But, like always, it didn't work.  My boys are just not late sleepers. 

The boy's woke up a little before six.  Saturday is our normal biscuit day so I put a load of laundry in the washer and then headed into the kitchen.  Once the biscuits were in the oven I got myself and the boys dressed, the beds made, the clothes hung on the line, and then we sat down to eat. 

In the past I have always done my grocery shopping on a weekday morning.  There are usually no crowds during that time and I can get in and out more quickly.  Now that I am doing school every morning I had to move my shopping day to Saturday.  The store opens at eight and I got there a little afterwards to shop.  The boys stayed home with David and played so I enjoyed a little alone time (even if it was doing a chore I don't really like, ha). 

Some of the produce I bought for the week.  Ben loved pointing out all the bright colors when I had it all sitting out on the counter waiting to be washed.

When the groceries were put away we loaded into the car and headed off to the mountains to make a visit in Churischan.   A member of our recent June team left a Proclaimer with us to give away to the family in Churischan because he has vision problems.  We made that delivery on Saturday morning.
David reading over the instructions to Rigoberto

David explaining how the Proclaimer works

David explaining how to charge it in the sunlight

Listening to the book of Luke on the Proclaimer

I love his sweet smile when he heard the Bible being played

David and Ben hiking back to the car in the village of Churischan 

Before we left for the village I had put sticks in some of the bananas I bought and put them in the freezer to freeze.  That afternoon I melted some chocolate and made chocobananas. It was a good, cold treat for us to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Here are the boys putting drops in David's eye on Saturday afternoon.  He got something in it and they wanted to "be the doctors".  

This is what they thought about getting to help. They loved it! 

We like to try to take one Sunday a month to go to church as a family and not have to teach in the village.  That doesn't always work out.  It's been over two months now since we have done that.  But, we made plans to do it this weekend.  Thankfully David has someone to take his place in Nearar when he has to miss.  So they still had their normal Bible study it was just led by a local and not us.  That is a positive thing!

Here are my sweet boys before we left Sunday morning for church.

The boys love to go to the kids class.  This week they did the story of Palm Sunday and acted it out before the church.  Cruz played the part of one of the ones who went to go get a donkey for Jesus to ride on.  I LOVED seeing him participate and interact in Spanish.  It really blessed our hearts!

Cruz at church

Here is a short video of the song they did.  Ben is not in it because he had already ran to sit in our laps.  

I spent Sunday afternoon getting everything ready for our upcoming school week.  I had the boys do a little prep work on some crafts I have lined up.  I have some fun things planned for the week and I'm excited about it.

We will be studying the letter "A" and one of our crafts will be making apple trees.  Here they are painting "apples" on green tissue paper that we will make into a tree.  I did this particular part early so we wouldn't have to wait on the paint to dry during class.

We grilled out for supper and ended the weekend playing games and reading books.  I have already learned two things about my boys 1) they love games 2)  they hate to lose.  Having to learn that everybody is not a winner is not an easy thing to do.  But, it's necessary, and I want them to learn to be a good loser not a sour one.

Playing Hi Ho Cherry-O.  This was Cruz's reaction when Ben landed on the "four".  Cruz had just landed on the basket and had to put all of his cherries back on the tree.  ha

So that's it.  We are now back to Monday and the routine starts all over again.  I anticipate a fun week ahead.  I hope you all have a fun one too.

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  1. It's such a blessing to pray for you all and hear all about the ways the Father is using you.


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