Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our First Day Of Homeschool 2015

This week we are beginning our first week of kindergarten homeschool.  I have been looking forward to this time for a while now and am very excited that it has finally arrived.  I'm not sure how excited I'll still be in a few weeks HA, but for now I'm excited.  Here is a look at how our first day went. 

When Cruz went to bed on Sunday night I did a little decorating.  Here is our homeschool door.

Here is our dining room ready for our first day of school breakfast.  I just hung a few streamers, balloons, a banner, and set our table. 

Cruz's place setting for his first day of school breakfast

I couldn't help snapping a photo of him when I went back to tuck him in that night.  My boy is growing up so fast!

My boys "helping" me cook breakfast on Monday morning.  We had Cruz's favorite breakfast food- banana pancakes.

I shaped his like a letter "K" and added whipped cream, sprinkles, and mini M&M's

Cruz admiring his first day of school breakfast

After eating we took a few photos.  Here he is outside our classroom door.

Doesn't he look excited!

Ben snapped this photo of me and Cruz before we headed off to start our morning. 

I found this idea online and love it.  I will have him write his name each month as a comparison to see how he is improving.

I am also doing a portfolio for him for the school year.  I had him write the alphabet and will have him write it again a few times throughout the year as a comparison.

I love this self portrait he drew of himself on a skateboard.  It just makes me smile!

His kindergarten questionnaire.

I plan to start our day with Bible.  I am using Abeka this year as our Bible curriculum.  Afterwards we do math. I chose Math-U-See for that.  
Cruz doing a math worksheet on the first day of school.

Next up was snack time and break.  He was tickled when I served him a homemade fudge bar that he had helped me make the day before.

Cruz helping me make fudge bars on Sunday afternoon.  He LOVES for me to make them!

Next up was phonics (we are using Sing Spell Read and Write) and then we ended the day with a science lesson (Exploring Science by Elemental Science) .

I plan to incorporate Ben as long as he desires to participate and is not disruptive.  When he saw Cruz's work sheet I made, he begged for his own so I drew him one also. 

As part of our celebration we went out for lunch and let Cruz pick the place to eat.  He chose Taco Bell.  We got there early and beat the crowd.  It was our first time to dine inside since it opened last month.

Afterwards we walked inside the mall and let them ride a few rides.  That is always a treat for both of them.

We spent the afternoon resting and later swimming in their inflatable pool out back because it is miserably HOT here this week!  For supper I cooked baked spaghetti because Cruz had said it was his favorite food in his questionnaire.  We had bread and peaches to go with it.
Ben enjoying his supper that he calls gabetty (instead of spaghetti)

Afterwards we all pigged out on some chocolate chips cookies I had baked before supper.  Yummy!

We took our normal evening walk and then spent some time reading before putting the boys to bed.  We are in the middle of "My Father's Dragon" and the boys are loving it.  I'll end the post with this picture of the dragon falling from the cloud that Cruz drew after we read Chapter 2.  

Cruz asked me during the first day of class "mama, when I learn all of these letters and know my numbers to 100 will I be done with school" (as in forever).  I just laughed and said "no, honey, you are only just beginning".  He has no idea what lies ahead but I'm thankful that I get to be there with him every step of the way watching him learn, grow, and develop.  What an amazing opportunity I have!

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