Friday, August 7, 2015

David's Birthday 2015

David recently celebrated another birthday.   We began his celebration in Guatemala City where we had traveled to take our team back to the airport.  We began with a birthday eve supper at one of our favorite places to visit- TGI Friday's. 

David and the boys having supper at Friday's

We stayed over an extra night at our mission house in Guatemala City so we could visit with some dear friends who were there with a team.  We first met the Pearson's back in March 2007 when they brought a team down to work with the Kekchi (our first people group).  We were in language school at the time but were given the week off to help work that team.  They were our first team to host and it turned out to be one of our favorite all time weeks.  We had a great time hosting them and still get tickled when we reminisce about the adventures we all shared together.  God brought them into our lives at just the right time and they have been an excellent source of encouragement to us ever since.  We often refer to them as "some of our favorite people" so when we get a chance to visit we like to take advantage of it. 

Our family with Gary and Joyce Pearson and Mrs. Diana Beason (in pink) who was also on that first team.  These are precious people!

While there we also got to visit with retired IMB missionaries Larry and Sarah Plyler.  I do not know anyone who knows these two that does not love them.  They are full of life and love the Lord.  I am so glad we got to catch up with them while there.  Having all of this fellowship time was like a little birthday present in itself.  All of them including the team gathered around us before they left and prayed over our family and ministry.  It was a precious time and one we won't soon forget.  They also sang "Happy Birthday" to David and made us all smile.
my boys with the Plyler's

After that we headed out for a late breakfast.  We chose IHOP because it is another favorite place of ours.  We ordered a couple of different plates and then all shared it like a buffet.  It was a delicious way to start our day!

David about to enjoy his birthday breakfast at IHOP in Guatemala City

We returned to our mission house to load up our things but before leaving the boys had a few gifts for their daddy to open.

David and the boys on his birthday morning

    We headed out on our trip back home and stopped for lunch at Pollo Campero in Guastatoya

We also made a stop here at a hotel in El Rancho to spend some time cooling off.  It was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

It seems that we always spend David's birthday swimming somewhere.  It is just a tradition that we love and look forward to each year.

David and Cruz

celebrating David's birthday
 I love those smiles!

We took a few family photos before supper that night.

David and the boys on his birthday

Our family celebrating David's birthday at Hotel Camino Largo in El Rancho, Guatemala

It was a really fun day and we all had a great time.  We are thankful for David and the way he leads and provides for our family.  We are blessed to have him and love taking time out to let him know it. 

"Where are we going next year?"  said a sweet little voice from the back seat as we traveled home.  ha  I love the memories that we are making on birthdays and I look forward to continuing the traditions that we have started for many years to come.

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