Friday, August 21, 2015

All About A's

We have had a fun, busy week in our homeschool.  Our focus was Letter A in language, writing numbers in math, our community in science, and the death and resurrection of Jesus in Bible.  We have done a lot of memorizing, singing, writing, coloring, and exploring.  Here is look at our school week-

We begin each day by saying the pledge to the American flag and singing "My Country Tis of Thee".  In a few more weeks we'll begin learning "The Star Spangled Banner".  I love that my boys are learning these American things.

I introduced them to Leap Frog's "Letter Factory" video this week.  We all love it!  It is a great resource for letter recognition and learning letter sounds.  Here is Cruz watching it while eating snack one day.

We learned all about apples this week.  We made these apple trees and memorized an apple poem.

Our science lesson focused on our community.  We learned about people in our community as well as the plant and animal community around us.  On Monday they dressed up as chefs and made mini pizzas for lunch.  We made these cute chef hats to wear while cooking. 

the boys making pizzas

all ready for the oven

On Tuesday we studied alligators.  We read books and watched you tube videos to learn all about them.  We then made this letter A craft.  My boys thought they were really cool!

We also did a little exploring of our community.  They boys were THRILLED to finally get to use their magnifying glasses.  We did a "circle of nature" experiment where you make a circle in the yard and explore what lives inside it (plants and insects). 

We used a hula hoop to make our circle

they saw ants, grass, a worm, and a beetle (and thankfully that's all, ha)

I love this photo of the two of them.

This makes me laugh.

Wednesday we had class in the morning.  We learned about Arctic Animals.  We then took our first field trip.  We visited a place in our community- the fire station.

Cruz and Ben with the fire chief at the Chiquimula Fire Station

looking at the firemen uniforms

They loved getting to explore the fire truck.

Sitting in the cab of the fire truck

Cruz said, "mama, these tires are BIG!"

They also got to explore the ambulance.

Cruz loved playing on the fire pole!

Here is a short video of a fireman demonstrating how to slide down.

When we returned home I had Cruz make an entry into his Science notebook about his experience.

writing numbers on Thursday morning

On Thursday we studied all about ants (more books and you tube videos).  In science we took a nature walk to see what kind of plants live in our community (and to see if we could find some ants too).  I made the boys a masking tape bracelet to stick things to it that they found.  They loved this idea.

When we returned home Cruz made another entry into his science journal.  I had him put the leaves under his paper and rub over them with crayons to make them appear.  He liked that.

We also painted these letter A ant hills and little black fingerprint ants climbing over them.

We ended the week in Bible by learning how to grow spiritually and reciting our verse for the week.  It was John 14:14 his letter "I" verse.

Cruz saying John 14:14

part of Friday's math lesson- fingerprint apples

And lastly we ended the week with a study of airplanes.  When we were done I sent the boys to see their daddy and he helped them make paper airplanes (that was a BIG hit!) 
 Cruz with his paper airplane. They flew them in the yard until I had to make them come in for lunch.

It has been a lot of fun and we have learned a lot.  I am looking forward to the weekend so my brain can rest, ha.  We'll start back on Monday with all things letter "B".  It should be a "b"last!  Have a great weekend everyone!


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