Monday, July 20, 2015

This One Might Make You Hungry

Good Monday morning everyone!  Hope yours is getting off to a great start.  Here is a look at how we spent the weekend.  It was a fun one!

We began by running some errands in town on Friday morning while Cruz was at school.  One of those errands was to pick up some chairs that we ordered for our homeschool room. The office supply store sells the chairs in many colors but only had one of each color on display.  Cruz always picks red when given a choice but Ben is random in his color choosing.  We picked out the red chair for Cruz and asked Ben what color he wanted.  What do you think he picked?  RED!  I tried hard to persuade him to get another color but he insisted on red.  So, that meant we had to make a special order.  In the end it will probably be best that they both have the same color chair.  Maybe that will prevent any future fighting. 

Ben at the office supply store.  We bought two chairs just like these except both red.

We ended up eating at the new Taco Bell for lunch but ran out of time to go inside and eat.  We went through the drive-thru instead.  We drove to Cruz's school and had a picnic in the car under a shade tree in the school parking lot while we waited for him to get out. We are so excited to have this new option in our town.
my Taco Bell lunch

Ben enjoying his taco in the car

When we picked Cruz up we headed over to Honduras for the night.  There was a time when we were back and forth to Honduras on a regular basis but we realized it has been eight months since we have been there.  That was hard to believe when we thought about it.

This is a familiar sight around the border.  You'll see many truckers resting in hammocks hung under their trucks.  It's a little funny to see but a great idea. 

Once across the border and checked in to the hotel we headed out to visit Cafe Welchez.  No trip to Copan would be complete without a stop there.
My boys waiting on our order to be brought out.  Cruz propped his leg up on the table so guess what Ben did?  The same thing.

Our family at Cafe Welchez in Copan, Honduras

my boys enjoying banana milk shakes

I ordered my regular- a Maya Frozen.  I am not sure of all the ingredients but I know it has coffee, crushed Oreo's, and lots of whipped cream.  I LOVE them!

One of the main reasons I like to visit this coffee shop is to eat their carrot cake.  It's my favorite.  But, this time they had a new cake- Snicker's.  I couldn't resist giving it a try.  It was pretty good too.  That flavor seems to be catching on around here.  I need to learn how to make one myself.

That afternoon we took the boys for a swim.
Cruz getting ready to jump in the pool.

He spent a lot of time jumping through his ring. 

David and Ben

We ended the day with a visit to Jim's Pizza.  Another must on our list of places to visit while in Copan.

The place we like to stay at has started serving breakfast.  That was nice and it kept us from having to go out and find a place to eat.  Their typical breakfast plate they served consisted of scrambled eggs, refried red beans (we eat black beans in Guatemala), fried platanos, cream, a slice of cheese, a slice of avocado, and a small hot dog.  Coffee and orange juice was also served. 

That morning we visited with Bro. Nahum at his church in town.  Here he is with a few of his members beginning the building of a new kitchen for his church.  They were excited about their project.  Our goal in this visit was to set a date for a men's retreat that we want to do for key men in each of the villages we are currently working in.  Bro. Nahum will be doing the teaching/ discipleship training at the retreat.  We plan to host it in Jocotan and will have the men from the villages come down the mountain and meet there.  It will be a neutral place for all of them.  In addition to some teaching time we want them to have a time to share and encourage each other.  Please begin praying for this time of refreshment for them.  The dates we have chosen to do the first one is August 15- 16.  We would like to begin doing a few of these each year.

my boys enjoying a bird while in Copan

For lunch we visited another favorite place- Cafe San Rafael.  It is a coffee/sandwich shop.  They specialize in gourmet cheeses.  We had sandwiches for lunch.  Mine was a mozzarella with a basil pesto sauce and sliced tomatoes.  Yummy!  We also enjoyed this fruit and yogurt plate. Our family loves fruit!  It was served with a bowl of their homemade granola that was oh so good!  We liked it so much that we bought a bag to take home. 

my boys at Cafe San Rafael in Copan, Honduras
here is a comparison photo of my boys now and on our last trip to Cafe San Rafael back in November 2014

and here they are making "funny faces"

We returned home after lunch.  On Sunday morning David headed to the village of Nearar to lead Bible study.  They had an extra long service so he was later than normal returning home.  I spent the morning cooking and the boys played.  For our lunch we had chicken and rice, carrot souffle, English peas, jello, and a chocolate chess pie.  Afterwards we enjoyed long afternoon naps.

The boys spent a lot of time playing in our homeschool room.  They emptied the book shelves of books and took several toys from their room in there.  Before it was over you could barely see the floor.  They were quiet and were playing together so well that I just ignored the mess and let them go.  At one point they lined the floor with books and pretended it was roads for their cars.  I love the imaginations of little kids.

Ben woke us up around 4:00 this morning and although he was able to go back to sleep I couldn't.  Ugh!  I am doubling up my intake of caffeine this morning hoping it will get me through the day, ha.  I just loaded my second load of laundry in the machine and hung my first load on the clothesline.  I sadly sent Cruz off this morning to begin his last week of Spanish school.   He will finish up on Friday and then have a two week break before we begin homeschooling K5.  I am a little sad to think that he is now old enough to be starting kindergarten.  The years really do fly by.

Our week will consist of David making visits with Noe on Tuesday, Bible class closing service in Tunuco Arriba on Wednesday, Bible study in Muyruco on Thursday, Bible study in Lagunetas on Saturday, Bible study in Nearar on Sunday morning and a team arriving on Sunday afternoon.  Whew!  I'm tired just thinking about it but excited at the same time.  Would you pray for us this week?  We would appreciate it.

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