Monday, July 27, 2015

The Weekend

I mentioned in my last post that Friday was Cruz's last day of Spanish school.  His class gave him a "going away" party that day.  They all made him the sweetest and cutest homemade cards and many gave him gifts.  It was almost like a birthday party and it greatly blessed my heart to see them show such love to him.  He had a great last day!
Cruz opening all of his stuff that his classmates gave him.

One friend gave him this basket filled with chocolates and Cruz's name carved out of painted Styrofoam.

Friday afternoon we went into town to purchase supplies for our upcoming team.  My boys think this is such a fun activity and like helping us pick out what they think the team will like.
Ben with a cart full of drinks for our picnic lunches.

We took the supplies home and then went back to town for supper.  We had wanted to try Taco Bell again but the wait was over 30 minutes just to order so instead we went through the drive-thru.  We got our food and carried it inside the mall and ate in the foodcourt so the boys could play on the playland. 
Cruz enjoying a strawberry milkshake with his taco and nachos.

Our contact in Lagunetas called late Friday night to tell us that he needed to cancel our Bible study for Saturday morning.  He said there was going to be a rally (most likely political) in their village that day and thought it best if we didn't come.  We were a little sad about that but a little relieved at the same time to have the day off.  Instead we spent the whole day at home just hanging out.

David had our infant carrier out washing all the parts to get ready to get rid of it.  At one point I walked into the living room to find Cruz sitting in it watching cartoons.  I can remember not too long ago that we were carrying him around in that thing (and his brother too). 

Later that afternoon we walked next door to the hotel to make sure things were ready for the team.  While there the boys and I enjoyed a popsicle.  Afterwards we took a long walk around our neighborhood.  We love evening walks!

On Sunday morning David traveled to Nearar for Bible study and the boys and I were at home.  I spent some time that morning baking desserts for the upcoming week with the team.

I baked one of my favorite cakes- Cream Cheese Poundcake

and I also made a batch of chess squares.  Cruz loves these!

Our team arrived on late Sunday afternoon.  We got them checked into their rooms and then walked over to the hotel restaurant for supper.

our group waiting on our meal to be brought out

We had pre-ordered everyone grilled chicken plates with a creamy mushroom sauce.  We also had streamed vegetables and mashed potatoes.   It was very delicious.

After our meal everyone walked over to our house for coffee, dessert, and evening devotion.  
having team devotion in our living room

a group photo before dispersing for the night
front- Ben, Sharon, Jenna, Tiffany, Karly, and Cruz
back- Dave, David, Tate, Phil, Erik, Kristen, and me

We anticipate a great week ahead working alongside this fun group from First Baptist Church Mt. Pleasant, SC.  We will spend three days doing door to door evangelism/ visitation and VBS  in the village of Chanco.  On Thursday we plan to be in Nearar that morning doing discipleship training and then in Muyurco that afternoon for our weekly Bible study.  Would you pray God's blessings over us this week as we are out?  Pray for safety of travel, good health, and for many divine appointments to share Christ with those who need to know Him.

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