Friday, June 19, 2015

Our Week

Our team returned to the States last Friday morning.  We stayed over an extra day in the Capital to run some errands.  Our day began with an early morning appointment at the U.S. Embassy to renew Cruz's passport.  I cannot believe it has been five years already and it's time for a new one!!!  We had to make a quick stop on our way to get his picture taken.  We were thankful to find a place close-by that was open that early.  Here is my little guy's photo.

And, just for fun, here he is getting his photo taken for his first passport back in July 2010.  He was about 7 weeks old.  We took him to a place in Antigua (where we were living at the time) to get it done.  My baby is growing up fast!

After leaving the Embassy we rushed to our next appointment arriving only a few minutes late.  David and I both had our annual eye exams done that morning.
The boys and I hanging out in the waiting room while David had his eyes checked.  I had taken my contacts out and wore my glasses to the appointment.  Seeing me in glasses is a rare sight, ha.

 Later that day we took the boys to Eskala Mall to get haircuts. 

sweet Ben getting a haircut in Guatemala City 

We drove back home on Saturday morning.  We stopped along the way to eat at the Burger King near Teculutan.  In addition to eating the boys had a blast going done the slide on the playland.

 Their faces here make me laugh!

David did not have his normal Bible study in Nearar on Sunday morning so that meant we got to go to church together as a family in Chiquimula.  I love when we get to do that!  
 our family on the way to church last Sunday morning

The kids did a little Father's Day presentation during the service.  Father's Day in Guatemala is June 17.  It blessed our hearts to see our kids getting to participate.

 a video of the kids singing

David and the boys after the service
I love that we were able to attend the church's Mother's Day and Father's Day programs this year!

Just like for Mother's Day, afterwards we went out for lunch at The Grill in Chiquimula.

Cruz enjoying our neighbor's new toy.

On Wednesday morning we made the long trip up to Tunuco Arriba to do Bible classes with Mrs. Diana.   After the classes the kids enjoyed some cupcakes to celebrate Mrs. Diana's recent birthday.   They sang to her and presented her with cards they had made for her.  It was sweet.
some of the sweet little girls that attend the Bible classes every Wednesday morning

Mrs. Diana with the sweet lady who lets us use the bathroom at her house each week.

On Thursday afternoon we had Bible study in Muyurco.  Here are David and the boys hiking the trail to the house where we meet.

Cruz insisted on wearing his watch, police hat, and sunglasses this week.  Ben insisted on wearing shorts.   You can see him in his red shorts and black boots, ha.  They are a MESS!

When we arrived to the house the first thing we noticed was the new baby asleep in this homemade hammock.

sweet baby David snoozing away

my boys were fascinated with him

When we hiked back to our car we found that someone had covered our door handles and windshield with mud.  It was a small reminder that not everyone there is happy that we are in their village.  Many weeks we do not see anyone when we arrive, hike, or leave.  This particular week we were a little surprised to see about 10-12 men standing around snickering as they watched us return to our car and leave.  Yes, it made me a little uncomfortable but not afraid.  Would you pray for the people of Muyruco and for us as we go each week and share the Gospel there.  Pray that we would be bright shining lights for Christ in an area that is so spiritually dark.

We are excited about the upcoming weekend and getting to spend a little time celebrating Father's Day.   We have a fun weekend planned and are eager to get the party started.  I'll be back on Monday to share with you all about it.  Thanks for reading and more importantly- thanks for praying!

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