Monday, June 22, 2015

Let's Get It Started

We started our Father's Day weekend off with a visit to the local passport office in Chiquimula to start the process of renewing Cruz's Guatemalan passport.  It is not necessary for him to have two (a U.S. one and a Guatemala one) but we do it anyway.  We use the boys Guatemala passports when traveling to neighboring countries like our regular visits to Honduras and the U.S. passport when we go to the States.  It will just be something else for them to have and keep when they are older.  That is, considering they are sentimental like their mama, ha. 
Look at my sweet baby in his first passport picture.  I miss kissing on those fat cheeks!

and here he is five years later having his photo taken again.  Slow down time!

The passport office is located inside our mall so afterwards we headed to the food court for lunch.  We enjoyed some McDonald's cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets and let the boys play a while on the playland.

Before leaving we stopped to visit the "silver man".  That is what the boys call a guy who paints himself silver and performs when given a tip.  We have seen him in the mall several times before and my boys always get a kick out of watching him.  He stands still like a mannequin until you drop a tip in his jar and then he "comes alive" and performs. 

My boys with the silver man.  This is about as close as they would get to him without being too nervous.

Here is a video of the silver man in action.

Later that afternoon we visited a bike shop that is downtown in Chiquimula to purchase a new tire for Ben's bike.  The only one they had was rainbow colored and he LOVED it.  He is so proud of his new tire!
waiting our turn at the bike shop

Ben's new "rainbow tire".   This little balance bike has been one of our best purchases yet.  Both of our boys have had a lot of use out of it.  Because of that bike Cruz transitioned very easily to a regular bike without training wheels.  Ben won't be far behind him.  He scoots around on that little bike super fast.

We also for whatever wild and crazy reason bought them both a bell for their bikes while at the shop.  It didn't take me long at all to second guess that decision.  In less than ten minutes of being home I was popping some Tylenol, ha.  I cannot imagine what our neighbors are thinking.  Here is the bike shop worker putting Ben's new bell on his bike.

Who knew a new bell and a new tire could bring so much joy?

David putting Cruz's new bell on his bike.

That night I cooked chicken sandwiches for supper and we had outdoor movie night.  We watched "The Box Trolls".  Cruz got it from his Memaw for his birthday.  It was our first time to watch it.

having outdoor movie nights are one of our FAVORITE things to do!

the boys snacking on some popcorn while watching the movie

Movie night kicked off our weekend celebration.  Next I'll post about our annual trip to Hotel Longarone for Father's Day.  Oh what a blast that was!

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