Friday, June 5, 2015

Here, There, and Everywhere

After traveling into Guatemala City to take my mom back to the airport we had a little overlap time there before heading out on another trip.  We spent most of the time shopping for supplies.  I also made my first trip to Office Depot to pick up some things for my homeschool room.  That excited me!  While out and about we couldn't resist a stop by Dunkin Donuts for a snack.
this is yumminess in a box!

We spent some time on Saturday morning at a park in Guatemala City letting the boys run and play.  This park is one of our favorites.  It is located on Las Americas.  Here is our family at the park.

the boys enjoying some ice cream at the park

blowing bubbles in the park

They have added some kiddie amusement park rides since our last visit there.  The boys and I had a blast riding this roller coaster.

Ben's face makes me laugh.  He was loving it!

We also tried out a new place to eat- Moe's Southwest Grill.  We loved it and will definitely be returning.  Our favorite was the cheese dip and tortilla chips. 

On Sunday morning we set out for a trip to Retalhuleu.  Here are the boys that morning excited about the day ahead.  We were on our way to a Prayer Retreat with some other IMB missionary families.

No road trip would be complete without a good cup of coffee.  Here we are with David's Cafe Americana and my White Chocolate Snow Frappe.  Yum!  That got the morning started off right.

It is election year here in Guatemala.  That means we are seeing a lot of political stuff everywhere.  Many of the parties have their own hand signs to identify themselves.  Here is Cruz showing us one of the hand signs he had seen on a billboard.  He said "what does this mean". ha 

David and the boys checking out the pool after we arrived and got checked in

Cooling off with some cold drinks.  My boys loved the frozen lemonades there.

Enjoying a Sunday afternoon swim.  My boys favorite thing about the whole trip was this water slide. 

It didn't take long before Ben was going down by himself.  It made me a little sad to see him be so grown-up, but he loved it!

fun on the water slide

The property had many peacocks roaming around.  The boys were fascinated by them.  We all loved watching them.  But let me just say peacocks are only enjoyable during the day.  Have you ever heard one at night?  OH MY!  They are LOUD!  We had one that perched in a tree right outside our room and kept us up all night long.  It was not fun.  Not fun at all.

ready for another swim

          David and the boys

my sweet Ben

my precious Cruz

One of my favorite things about the trip was our time playing putt putt golf.  It has been years since we played and it was the boys first time.  I have always enjoyed this activity.  We all had fun.

We got the boys a Popsicle before starting.  It was hot there.

Another favorite thing about the trip was spending time with the Stones and the Millers.  These two couples mean a lot to us!  Sitting around sharing stories with them is a real treat.  We laughed a lot.

off we go!

me and my little guys

a video of the boys "playing" golf

breakfast on our last morning together
Ben, David, David M., Glynis, Gary, Lily, Cruz, and me

On the long trip back home we stopped over again in Guatemala City to have a few medical check-ups done.  All of our yearly exams are due so we are trying to complete a few visits on each trip to the Capital.  It is hard to get anything medical done when you have two little restless ones waiting out in the lobby for you, ha.  But, we manage and do the best we can.

We are now back home getting back into our groove with Bible studies and preparing for our next team to arrive.  They come in on Monday and will spend all of next week with us.  We are anticipating a fun time ahead with them.  Have a great weekend everyone! 

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