Friday, May 8, 2015

This And That

Here is a little look at our lives over the past week.

Cruz had a class presentation due the day after we returned from El Salvador.  Thankfully we did it before we left so we didn't have to do it the night we returned.  His class had been studying showing courtesy.  He had to pick an action, make a poster about it, and present it orally to his class.  He chose "waiting turns". 
Cruz's courtesy poster

That afternoon we headed to Bible study in Muyurco.  I didn't take photos while there but I did take this shot of the hill we go up and down to get there.  It had rained so the trail was very muddy and slippery. 

Saturday we had Bible study in Lagunetas.  Afterwards we made a stop by the market in Jocotan to get Cruz a new pair of black rubber boots.  He had outgrown his other pair and needed new ones.  He also needed them for his fireman costume for school this week.  Both of my boys love these boots and have worn them since they started walking. 
Cruz and David at the market in Jocotan buying rubber boots

proud of his boots!

Cruz missed three days of school because of our trip to El Salvador.  Because of that he had tons of classwork and homework to make up.  That is pretty much how we spent last weekend.  Every spare moment was used to do school work.   I think every notebook he has was sent home with work to do.

To reward him for getting it all done I promised him a walk to the hotel next door for ice cream on Sunday night.  Here he is with a fudge bar.  We took a night walk around our block to eat our ice cream and clear our heads.

On Tuesday Cruz had another oral presentation to do at school.  This week was community helpers week.  He had to pick someone to be, dress up like them, make a poster about them, and do a 4-5 sentence presentation to his class.  He chose to be a fireman.

Cruz's poster about firemen

These are the five sentences he memorized and said.  His teacher said he did a great job.

my little bombero

some of his classmates on community helper day

On Sunday morning I started the three day potty training boot camp with Ben.  In spite of a few expected accidents he has done good so far.  With the exception of nighttime we are now diaper free!  I used the same system to potty train Cruz and both times were successful.  Let me just add that three days without being able to leave the house and a timer going off every 30 minutes all day long will drive you craaaazy!!!  ha   But it's a small sacrifice with a big payoff.
Ben getting a reward for using the potty so well.

Ben's first time leaving the house without a diaper.

On Wednesday we had Bible classes in Tunuco Arriba.  I took this photo of a lady grinding corn at a house where they let us use their outhouse.
She wouldn't stop working to let me take her photo so she looks a little blurry.  My arms were tired from just watching her.  That is hard work!

freshly ground corn ready to be used to make tortillas

I started feeling bad on the way down the mountain and blew it off as car sickness but by mid-afternoon I was sick.  I spent the next 24 hours with stomach virus symptoms.  The fever lasted the longest which had us a little worried that it might be something else but thankfully it finally broke and other than being fatigued I am better. 

Thursday night our power went out and stayed off from about 9:30 p.m. until 10:00 a.m.  It was a long hot miserable night.  Ben threw up all over his bed around midnight and we had no water to clean it up.  Oh y'all, it's been crazy around here.  Crazy!

To make it a little better I received an early Mother's Day "get well" gift, Twix cupcakes.  They are from the same bakery where we got the Snicker's cupcakes for our anniversary.  These are good but the Snicker's are definitely better.  I am just hoping to get my appetite back enough to really enjoy them.

Twix cupcakes for Mother's Day

I finally showered this morning and dragged myself to Cruz's school Mother's Day program.  I'll post about that and the rest of our Mother's Day weekend on Monday.  Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers.  I hope your day of celebration is filled with lots of fun!

 me and my boys making silly faces this morning before leaving for the school program
I plan to spend the next few days thanking God for these two and for allowing me to be their mom.  It's the hardest job in the world but the most rewarding thing ever! 

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